ROBERTS: When hosting cultural events, focus on educating

4/20/17 3:11pm

While Elon University might be working hard to increase racial and cultural diversity, as a university we still fall short of meeting the kind of racial and cultural ratio we should have if we are going to boast about our “global engagement”. Coming to Elon I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing as ...

BENSON: Push yourself out of your comfort zone

4/19/17 9:41am

As the trees bloom and the spring months dwindle, each day brings me closer to a momentous event in my life — one where I am afraid to mix navy blues with blacks and struggle to try a new flavor of ice cream. This fall, I will be going abroad with Semester at Sea, where I will spend 106 days visiting 11 countries and crossing four continents.

LEVY: Global thinking goes beyond just study abroad

4/19/17 9:38am

Elon University prides itself as an institution that helps create global citizens. We can see aspects of this mindset in the required first year class “The Global Experience,” International Station at Lakeside and various international studies and language programs across campus.  But, when it comes to creating global leaders, there’s one Elon experience that Elon loves to highlight most: study abroad.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Break out of your own communities within Elon

4/12/17 4:39pm

It is far too easy to remain comfortable here at Elon University. It is too easy for students to stay in their well-constructed comfort zones — constantly hanging out with the same groups of people, attending the same events and sharing the same ideas to the same willing listeners. Students complain about the monotony of living on a resident campus and our university’s lack of diversity, but it is necessary to remember the role students themselves have in making their time at Elon more interesting. While the university could still do more in terms of diversity initiatives, there is no shortage of opportunities for students to hear new perspectives or try new things on campus — students just need to be willing to go out and search for them. It is important to find a sense of community or home on campus, but these communities shouldn't cage students and keep them branching out and appreciating all sides of campus life.

BENSON: Millennials must stop cancelling plans

4/5/17 8:46am

The world and all of its inhabitants loves to use millennials as the punching bag for blame — other generations tend to pin fault on this young, innovative and self-concerned sector of society for its handful of flaws. We have been perceived as lazy, stubborn, arrogant and resistant by other generations, and these allegations can be fought and challenged in numerous ways.

HAGER: Waddling into the sunset: A eulogy for Club Penguin

3/29/17 3:43pm

It was the home of so many firsts: first dates; first parties; first independence. I still remember that pizza parlor like it was yesterday. I still remember those igloos like I remember my childhood bedroom. But now, the place where so many of us grew from kids into adults is waddling off into the sunset.

LEVY: Use spring break to relax, however you need to

3/16/17 6:02pm

It’s that time of year again: The time when every adult you know is asking “what are your doing this summer?” “What are your plans for after graduation?” And for many of us, it’s the time of year we die a little inside, put on a smile and try to hide the fear of uncertainty. At this point, I’m envious of my friends in the business school, many of whom have had jobs lined up since the fall.

NTIM: Spring semester offers many reasons for students to smile

3/15/17 5:51pm

Take my suggestions with a grain of salt, but find something you enjoy doing. Engage in projects that inspire you in your everyday pursuits. For those us in need of a do-over, let’s start afresh. It will not be easy, but I hope this season will motivate all of us for part two of the semester.

EDITORIAL: Elon community cannot forget impact of House Bill 2

3/15/17 5:50pm

Almost one year ago, former governor of North Carolina Pat McCory signed into law House Bill 2, a law that eliminated anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation, gender identity and veteran status and requires that individuals only use public bathrooms or changing facilities that align with the biological sex on their birth certificate. Immediately after the bill was passed, Elon University issued a statement denouncing the bill and reaffirming Elon’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity and ensuring students feel safe on campus.

BENSON: Dress codes encourage judgement of women's bodies

3/15/17 5:50pm

I’ve grown up in a world that is over-sensitized to bodies. As a young girl, I was exposed to billboards over which sprawled airbrushed women in lingerie, commercials featuring flawless goddesses in sensual attire and magazines rife with models sporting the newest trend — each somehow more revealing than the last. I was taught by television, movies and the lyrics on the radio that in order to get the boys I wanted and the friends I needed, I had to dress like everyone else and flaunt my body, because physical beauty was just as important, and sometimes even more important, than the things in my head or in my heart.