CAMPUS VOICES: A guide for democrats

12/7/16 1:01pm

Apparently, we Democrats are “lost in the woods.” I thought, in my infinite wisdom as a 21 year-old in college, I should write a guide for us on what we can be doing in the mean time and how to get out of these woods. The election ended around 2:00am on Wednesday, November 9th when Hillary Clinton ...

EDITORIAL: In discussions related to the Trump presidency, let students lead

11/16/16 8:00am

Since Donald Trump was announced the 45th president of the United States, professors from all departments — many of whom have no political science expertise — have likely stood in front of students, lesson plan in hand, and considered the question, “Do I address the red elephant in the room?” We think yes, absolutely.

ANDERSON: When hate trumped love

11/13/16 1:09pm

It was early Thursday morning when I got a news tip about a hateful note written on whiteboard saying “Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista.” Looking through Facebook posts of the image, I sourced the time and location of the message to Tony Crider’s 8 a.m. Global Experience course in Kivette Hall Room 100.

CAMPUS VOICES: Light upon light

11/11/16 1:21pm

This Campus Voices appeared in the [date] edition of The Pendulum. Campus Voices are written by members of the Elon community, not ENN staff members, and represent their informed opinions.

EDITORIAL: Elon InterVarsity student leaders should offer a statement

11/2/16 9:51am

The situation is undeniably complicated. Between IV reaffirming its stance on gay marriage in no uncertain terms and Elon University’s campus-wide push for inclusivity, Elon InterVarsity (IV) is in a tough place. But so are the students in IV at Elon who look to the organization for spiritual guidance, as are the students in the greater Elon community committed to their own views of inclusivity.

CAMPUS VOICES: I’m coming out

10/30/16 12:34pm

Racist. Islamophobic. Xenophobic. Sexist. Homophobic. Hypocrite. Words like these are often used to describe people like me-people know as conservatives. The truth is not all conservatives are racists, sexists, islamophobes, xenophobes, or homophobes. Sure, there are people like that who consider themselves conservatives, but they don’t reflect a conservative ideal and are by no means justified in their thoughts or actions.

LEVY: Don’t be a racist for Halloween

10/27/16 6:13pm

Growing up, I was told I could be anything or anyone on Halloween. I was lucky to have my creativity encouraged, from dressing up as a chess piece when I was in elementary school to a star-covered “Kevin Space-y” get-up when I studied abroad.

DAHAL: Traditions can change

10/12/16 5:24pm

For students who had to struggle to get here or have struggled while here — including first-generation students — the graduation ceremony is more than just an orchestrated event, guaranteed to be given to you at the end of your four years. It’s something you and those who love you have fought incredibly hard for.  It’s the culmination of more than four years of coursework.  It’s a product of collective and unapologetic tenacity from you and those who have fought with you.  So on the day of your undergraduate graduation, your invitation for family and friends is more than just an expectation.

PAUROSO: Under the Oaks or Bust

10/12/16 5:24pm

I remember when I first toured Elon University. I walked through campus, the North Carolina sunlight poking through the giant oak trees, and I realized that I was meant to be an Elon student.