BENSON: Please ignore the fraternity and sorority tier system

2/21/17 8:00pm

Maybe you’ve seen yaks about it, heard chatter about it or been directly affected by its abstract presence, but the stereotypes in our greek community revolving around one “tier system” have simply got to go. For those of you who don’t understand (in which case I either applaud your ability to focus on what’s really important or urge you to get out from the rock you’re living under), the so-called “tier system” is built on the belief that, in Fraternity and Sorority Life, there is a totem-pole style ranking of coolness or widely-known reputation from one sorority/fraternity to another.

CAMPUS VOICES: A good man like him is hard to find

2/15/17 8:32am

After posting on Facebook just last night about the void left by the loss of our dear Dr. Earl Danieley, I was jolted this morning by the news that Dr. Leo Lambert is stepping down as President of Elon University. I am deeply happy for Lambert, his wife Laurie and their family.

NTIM: We all must honor black history

2/8/17 9:45am

Black History is a living, breathing movement that our forebears started with hopes of cultivating a better environment for us. Their legacy is left to us. We, as in every human being, are capable of redirecting longstanding perceptions of race.

BENSON: Political posts need open discussion

2/7/17 7:55pm

Another day, another scroll through your Facebook feed. It’s not long before you stumble upon a controversial video, shared by your lab partner from sophomore year of high school, with over 40 comments from fuming adversaries who evidently think their opinion is superior.

BENSON: The binge generation

2/3/17 11:38am

“The next episode of 'Grey’s Anatomy' will play in 15 seconds,” you read on your screen as Netflix churns out the next chapter in the McDreamy saga. Without even having to blink an eye, you are soon watching season 8, episode 12, and wondering how you got here.