NEWS 4/16/18 11:50pm

Greensboro still remains under local state of emergency

A state of emergency has been issued in Greensboro after a tornado ripped through the area Sunday. The National Weather Service confirmed that an F-2 tornado with 135 mph winds touched down in Greensboro, just 25 minutes west from Elon. The storm caused significant damages to homes and nearby schools and left one person dead after being hit by a tree while driving.

NEWS 4/13/18 10:41pm

SGA holds its first business meeting of the new year

SGA held its first business meeting of the new 2018-2019 legislative year after hosting a town hall last week. For the new executive officers — Executive President Kenneth Brown Jr., Executive Vice President Charlie Cheema, Executive Secretary Jack Johnson and Executive Treasurer Max Pivonka —  it was their first time leading a meeting. 

NEWS 4/13/18 9:21pm

Holocaust survivors speak at Elon

As part of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, members of the Elon community gathered April 12 for a film screening about two Holocaust survivors, Rachel Kizhnerman and Shelly Weiner, who were present to share their experiences.

NEWS 4/12/18 6:32pm

Different mentoring programs on campus aide minority students

SMART has been a mentoring program that has been around for nearly 24 years, according to the program coordinator and assistant director of The Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education, Brandon Bell.  Bell wants to emphasize the importance of mentoring and diversity, so they promote the program to students who identify as African American/Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American/American Indian, Alaskan Native, Multiracial (ALANAM).

NEWS 4/12/18 3:20pm

Remembering the Holocaust

“Some things are so terrible, you don’t forget,” said Ella Mueller, who was born 90 years ago in Padew, a village in Poland home to a German community.

NEWS 4/11/18 10:20am

Rochelle Ford named new dean of School of Communications

Rochelle Ford has been named the new Dean of the School of Communications. The selection comes after a five-month nation-wide search for the next dean to replace Paul Parsons, who announced in October he was going to return to teaching after being the founding dean of the school 17 years ago. 

NEWS 4/10/18 10:20pm

President Book talks with students about LGBTQIA issues

n the intimate setting of the Gender and LGBTQIA center, surrounded by students President Connie Book held a talk about LGBTQIA issues on campus.  The talk last from 7 to 8 p.m. tonight and President Book focused on listening to the students there and asking what they would like to see from the University in terms of LGBTQIA awareness and advancement. 

NEWS 4/10/18 10:02pm

Town of Elon celebrates Founder's Day

The town of Elon celebrated its 125th anniversary today over cake with North Carolina General Assembly Sen. Rick Gunn of District 24 and District 64 House Representative Dennis Riddell. The state representatives came to the town to honor its 125th anniversary, recognizing the quality of college and town relationship. 

NEWS 4/10/18 3:09am

Students use social media to spread a ‘Body Positive’ Message

Elon University junior Jennifer Finkelstein struggled with eating disorders and body image throughout her high school years. When she came to Elon, all she wanted was a sense of hope for a more positive experience and future. However, transitioning to college life with a mental illness became difficult. 

NEWS 4/9/18 7:11pm

Hillel Rabbi steps down

Rabbi Meir Goldstein, associate chaplain for Jewish life, will leave Elon on May 31.  Goldstein will be leaving Elon after three years to join Dartmouth College Hillel as executive director.