Community members take different stances on gun control following mass shootings

11/21/17 12:15pm

The United States experienced two of the worst mass shootings in modern history only 36 days apart; just over a month's time. But, while many are mourning, the issue of gun control has reared its ugly head — again. While these violent acts have contributed to speculations about guns, others believe guns are a form of protection in violent situations. Both sides of the spectrum are present at Elon University's campus and the Burlington community. 

The checkout game: How some students try and get out of room violations

11/17/17 12:12pm

With Thanksgiving Break just a few days away, many students are in a hurry to rush out the door and get their breaks started. But on-campus dorm rooms still need to be check-out ready. Unlike the first health and safety checks of the semester, there won't be any follow-up room checks, so if a violation, like string lights, alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia, or items hanging from the ceiling, is found, $25 fine per violation will be issued.

Elon chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity suspended from campus

11/13/17 1:48pm

The national Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Board of Directors voted to suspend the Elon chapter. According to Tad Lichtenauer, Lambda Chi Alpha National Director of communications & IT, the suspension is a result of repeated social violations over several semesters, including holding un-registered parties off-campus.

SGA and BSU make strides to better race relations at Elon

11/11/17 1:34pm

In light of the Student Government Association’s Inclusivity Week, the body joined with the Black Student Union  to discuss the state of race relations on Elon University's campus. On Thursday evening, SGA and BSU held a town hall forum for an open conversation discussing race. A topic thoroughly discussed throughout the forum was the feeling of exclusion of minority groups on campus. Phrases like “microaggressions” and “sense of belonging” were repeated as the students expressed themselves. 

Ian Baltutis re-elected as mayor of Burlington

11/7/17 9:31pm

Ian Baltutis has been elected as the mayor of Burlington for his second term in office. Shortly after 9 p.m., the Alamance County Board of Elections announced Baltutis' victory on their website. Baltutis won the election with 55 percent of the vote.

From afar, Elon mourns Texas tragedy

11/7/17 4:16pm

Broken to her by a text from her dad, sophomore Nicole Plante discovered the news of Texas’ worst mass shooting in history, occurred less than an hour from her home in San Antonio. Residents of the city were some of the first to hear of the Sutherland Springs church shooting that left 26 dead and 20 wounded.