Elon student arrested, charged in property hit and run

4/21/17 1:39pm

Elon University sophomore Nicholas Conti was arrested on Thursday on the charge of a 'hit and run.' According to Alamance Police, the incident occurred last Saturday at Kangaroo gas station where a Toyota backed into a Ford before fleeing the scene.

International students weigh in on Trump

4/19/17 7:14am

Upon hearing the news last November that Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States, some of Elon University’s international students felt as if their illusion of studying abroad in a land of freedom and opportunity had been shattered.

Population of international students on the rise

4/19/17 7:23am

Freshman Isabel Blanco Araujo, from Venezuela, was drawn to Elon University because of its small size, student to professor ratio and Honors Fellows program. Upon arriving at school. But, Araujo found that her transition to Elon as an international student was more difficult than she imagined.

Global Neighborhood examines its roots, considers future

4/18/17 7:18pm

The Global Neighborhood at Elon University has a dual personality to most students. Initially, freshmen are excited about the neighborhood and its traditions, but upperclassmen seem to forget about them, according to most students. Now in its third full year as a residential neighborhood, the community is wrestling with its identity as an inclusive space and with declining participation at some of its major events.

Creating a home away from home: Sylvia Munoz's journey from Costa Rica to Elon University

4/18/17 4:50pm

Sylvia Munoz hadn’t encountered “space” until she first came to the United States in 1994. Back in San Jose, Costa Rica, her hometown, she lived with her family of seven in a house adjacent to all her closest friends — her cousins. At any given moment, her home was guaranteed to be full of excitement with either the noise of her sister and three brothers, her parents or her extended family members.

Mediterranean Deli comes to Park Place

4/17/17 6:09pm

Mediterranean Deli, based out of Chapel Hill, N.C., will be the new tenant beneath the Park Place apartments in Elon. This deli will be 60 percent a restaurant and 40 percent a grocery store providing diverse options for the Elon community.

HBO Go accounts for all Elon students

4/14/17 3:55pm

One of the many resources Elon students have access to on-campus is HBO Go. Ever since Campus Technology switched Elon's television service to Philo, students have had the ability to create an account with the online streaming service for free.

Sexual Assault Awareness month starts conversations

4/11/17 3:00pm

April marks the beginning of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and many different organizations have joined together for the cause, including the Department of Health Promotion, SPARKS peer education, Elon Feminists, I Am That Girl, the Iota Psi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, One Love, CrossRoads Sexual Assault Response & Resource Center and Family Abuse Services.

SPDC Introduces Big Interview

4/11/17 12:24am

In late March, the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) introduced a new resource for students to use before their upcoming interviews for jobs and internships. 

SGA hosts town hall as part of sexual assault awareness month

4/7/17 6:00pm

The Student Government Association hosted its 6th town hall on Thursday, which allowed students to openly discuss the issue of gender and sexual-based violence on campus.  The event, moderated by Elon News Network Executive Director Jackie Pascale, was meant to facilitate a discussion about what were issues surrounding the topic of sexual harassment, specifically on Elon's campus, and what the role of students is in solving those issues. The town hall was the first event hosted by the incoming student body administration, which was sworn in just a few days after spring break.  Student Body President Morgan Bodenarain said that although there is already a conversation about gender and sexual-based violence on campus, the climate surrounding it is a conversation that the organization wanted to have. "I think a lot of time we talk about how the administration is responding to these kinds of things, but never how the student body is responding to it," said Bodenarain.