NEWS 1/14/13 11:21am

FDA may approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption

Genetically engineered Atlantic salmon may soon become the first transgenic animal to be sold in grocery stores and supplied by food service vendors across the country, possibly including ARAMARK, Elon University’s food supplier. The fish swam a bit closer to FDA approval when the administration released a draft of its environmental assessment affirming the modified salmon does not pose a considerable environmental threat last month. In 2010, the FDA concluded the genetically altered AquaAdvantage salmon was safe for human consumption, generating controversy among proponents and opponents of biotechnology. The modified salmon, engineered by AquaBounty Technologies at Prince Edward Island and grown in tanks in Panama, grow nearly twice the size of conventional Atlantic salmon at a faster growth rate.

NEWS 1/14/13 11:20am

University presidents advocate campus gun control after Conn. shooting

In the wake of the Newtown shooting last month, more than 320 university presidents in the United States have signed a petition against legislation for legal possession of firearms on university campuses. Although Elon University President Leo Lambert has not signed the petition, Elon strictly prohibits the possession or use of weapons on university property.

NEWS 1/12/13 3:05pm

Elon faculty, students bear weight of federal budget decision

As the United States hung suspended from the “fiscal cliff” early this month, both the Senate and the House of Representatives approved legislation to raise taxes on America’s wealthiest and suspend deep cuts in federal spending, a complicated last-minute deal that may directly impact taxpayers in every income bracket, including Elon University students, faculty and staff. By passing the legislation, Congress narrowly averted automatic tax increases and federal budget sequestration cuts scheduled to take effect at the start of the New Year, but the deal is likely to affect other changes in the economic climate.

NEWS 12/5/12 10:53am

Rumor of Doomsday at Elon

The end of the semester is here and while students are stuck studying in the library, many students are wishing for an excuse to relieve them from the stress of finals.

NEWS 11/14/12 2:45pm

Election night Facebook posts lead to backlash for SGA President

Last week's Presidential election led a lot of people to take to social media to express their opinions. Included in this group was SGA President, Darien Flowers, who had some harsh words for President Obama and the future of our country. "So discouraged in the American public tonight," Flowers wrote on Facebook.

NEWS 11/9/12 2:42pm

Maureen Dowd argues U.S. presidents reflect paternal influence

One day after the presidential election, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd offered a psychoanalysis of the nation's leaders, relating the political arena to a theatrical display of family drama. Dowd, Elon University's Baird Pulitzer Prize lecturer, turned attention away from the most recent political contest and instead emphasized how father-son relationships influence the behaviors of United States presidents. "Presidential campaigns have an underlying paternal theme," Dowd said, referencing promises to protect the house against international invaders or a menacing financial situation. The candidates continually compete to portray themselves as America's father, king or hero, according to the Pulitzer Prize winner. The constructed narrative presents a nobleman's quest, a revered victory and a shared celebration with their constituents, she said.

NEWS 11/6/12 8:36pm

The final push: How campaigns try to win votes to the very end

Political ads and campaigning for the Nov. 6 election have been ongoing for several months, but the weekend prior to the election, as well as Election Day itself, showed the hardest efforts made by both Democratic and Republican supporters in Alamance County. “The Alamance County Democratic Party has staff volunteers at all 37 voting locations to (give out) sheets that have our candidates listed on them, all the way from the president down to the local races for judges,” said Anna Gerow, vice-chair for the Alamance Country Democratic Party.