Two more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon

4/15/13 4:32pm

Following up to our original post, two more explosive devices have been found at the Boston Marathon by Boston police and are currently being dismantled, the Boston Globe reports. It is unclear what type of explosives were found by authorities, reports the Associated Press, and no motive has been found ...

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining: The cost beyond a power bill

3/14/13 2:48pm

Mountains don’t grow back. They’re not like trees that produce seeds that can be replanted when one is cut down – when a mountain is gone, it’s permanent. “They’re not just scraping off parts of these mountains,” said Steve Hawk, the executive editor of Sierra magazine who worked on the cost of coal project for the Sierra Club.

NC Supreme Court votes 3-3 in Ochsner case

3/8/13 3:26pm

The North Carolina Supreme Court voted 3-3 this month on a North Carolina Court of Appeals ruling that North Carolina Public Records Law is not applicable to state-commissioned police departments of private universities within the state.

Pope's resignation respected by Elon faculty, students

2/12/13 9:53pm

Pope Benedict XVI became the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign from the papacy Feb. 11, citing his advanced age as the catalyst for his decision. Benedict, 85, is the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics across the world. Benedict began his papacy in 2005 after the near 30 year reign of Pope John Paul II.

Fiscal Cliff Affects Elon

1/16/13 4:46pm

As 2012 came to a close, Congress and the White House were able to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff", that would have caused more than a five-hundred-thousand dollar tax increase and across-the-board spending cuts. Though they were able to avoid the fiscal cliff, the nation will still be affected.

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

1/15/13 5:01pm

Making snowflakes is an activity children do every year, but on Saturday, January 5th the children in Graham were designing snowflakes for a cause. "We're going to send them to the kids in Connecticut to the Sandy Hook Elementary School," explained nine-year-old Delilah Bose. In response to the Connecticut PTA's nationwide call for the victims of Sandy Hook, Susan Holland organized this event. "The children should walk into a winter wonderland," Holland vividly explained, "the idea that each snowflake is different from one another, there are no two alike.