NEWS 10/8/13 2:50pm

Shutdown Felt by Current and Past Elon Students

Although Washington D.C. is about 300 miles away from Elon's campus, the impact of the government shutdown, which has gone on for a week now, is being felt by several members of the Elon community. Junior Katie Blunt, a Lumen Scholarship recipient, is one of those people.

NEWS 9/16/13 7:35pm

Student newspapers grapple with the future of industry

With news increasingly moving online and an economy that is still squeezing advertisers, the decline of print newspapers is nearly an accepted fact. But at smaller, local newspapers across the country, editors and publishers are finding ways to stay competitive so they can continue to bring specialized reporting to their communities, with some community papers like the Burlington Times-News in the process of adding a paywall and editors of college newspapers now heading their campus media as the new year begins. College newspapers are in a unique position to improve readership.

NEWS 9/4/13 1:23am

Recent study suggests burning incense may damage lung cells

Don’t light that incense just yet — and not just because it’s against university rules to burn incense in a residence hall. A study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health found that burning incense could cause lung inflammation. Kenneth Sexton, retired research assistant professor of environmental science at UNC and co-author of the study, compared the products of incense burned in the study to those found in cigarette smoke. “We found carbon monoxide concentrations from burning incense to be many times greater than from cigarette smoke,” Sexton said.

NEWS 9/4/13 12:36am

Elon students continue use of popular pre-workout supplement Craze despite national controversy

Put down the pre-workout — that is, if you’re using Craze. Recently, a popular pre-workout supplement, Craze, was found to contain undisclosed, illegal, amphetamine-like compounds following a USA Today investigation. Will Steele, a sophomore at Elon University who has been working out since seventh grade, accidentally took triple the recommended dosage the first time he took pre-workout. “I felt as though I could walk through a brick wall, throw a car across a state with my bare hands and still have plenty of energy to run a marathon,” Steele said.

NEWS 7/9/13 12:19am

Unpaid internship experiences under national scrutiny

Unpaid internships are leaving college seniors broke and unemployed after graduation, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). For the third consecutive year, NACE reported survey results showing unpaid internships do not benefit college students, especially in post-graduation employment. In 2013, NACE found 63.1 percent of college seniors who completed a paid internship received at least one job offer, while only 37 percent of former unpaid interns were offered employment. Debby Wall, director of internships at Elon University, argued otherwise. According to Wall, all internships — paid and unpaid — benefit college students by offering course credit and experience. Wall suggested multiple internship experiences are reasons for employment offers, not the intern’s salary.

NEWS 4/24/13 11:37am

Firsthand accounts of the Boston Bombings

Just over a week ago – at approximately 2:50 P.M. on Monday – two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Elon University has 483 students from the state of Massachusetts, and Elon Professor Jeremy Tessem ran in the Boston Marathon. “I finished the race about 45 minutes before the first bomb exploded,” Tessem said.

NEWS 4/17/13 12:01pm

National debate: The fate of marriage equality in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court captured the attention of the Elon University community last month as it heard arguments about marital rights of LGBTQ-identified Americans, an issue that has elicited both activism and criticism from Elon students, faculty and alumni. The court considered both the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a 1996 federal law that awards federal benefits according to the traditional definition of marriage, and Proposition 8 (Prop 8), a 2008 amendment to California’s state constitution that legally recognizes marriage as a union of one man and one woman. During the week of March 25, when both sets of arguments were heard, many Elon students changed their Facebook profile picture to a pink equal sign to symbolize their support of marriage equality, and some engaged in debate both on and offline. While the move toward legalizing same-sex marriage encourages some LGBTQ activists, others, including senior Lauren Clapp, an advocacy and education chair for Spectrum, Elon’s queer-straight alliance, point out that marriage equality is not the dominant issue for most LGBTQ people. “I get really frustrated by organizations like the Human Rights Campaign who pose themselves as the leading LGBTQ advocacy organization, but are in many ways a single issue organization,” Clapp said.

NEWS 4/15/13 4:48pm

Explosions reported at Boston Marathon

Witnesses are reporting two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon shortly before 3 p.m. According to Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, two explosions occurred simultaneously on Boylston Street, and the third explosion occurred at JFK Library.