NEWS 10/1/15 9:34pm

Preparing for Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin is expected to hit the Elon area this weekend, with the heaviest rain fall on Sunday night. According to the National Weather Service, there is a Flash Flood Watch from today, October 1 from 8:00 p.m.

NEWS 9/21/15 4:38pm

President Obama announces changes to FAFSA application

Though his days in office are numbered, President Obama rolled out a new piece of legislation this week during a speech in Des Moines, Iowa. In order to make it easier for prospective college students apply for financial aid, President Obama announced a series of minor amendments to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) program. [youtube=] In past years, in some cases, the FAFSA has not become available until after the college application deadline.

NEWS 9/15/15 1:00pm

With upcoming elections, Elon political interest pops

Ever since the first presidential candidates announced their runs earlier this year, a slow but steady buzz has been building at Elon University around the direction the country could take, depending on who wins the White House. As debate season swings into high-gear, a storm of media coverage has propelled campus conversation, with groups of liberals and conservatives divided down party lines opponents each call radical.

NEWS 5/12/15 11:03pm

Sexual assault at Elon: Perspectives and a personal experience

Since first publishing this story, Dean of Students, Dr. Smith Jackson, released a statement informing that when the university learned of the incident involving McClendon, he was suspended from the Elon University football team for the remainder of the 2014 Spring season.

NEWS 3/9/15 5:42pm

ISIS, ISIL: What you need to know

For months, the media has covered ISIS, an Islamic extremist rebel group operating in Iraq and Syria. Behind its mass violence and social media campaigns, ISIS has become one of the most well known terrorist organizations in the world. Here's the breakdown of some of the most important facts to know about the extremist group: At first, the U.S.

NEWS 3/5/15 8:00am

Taking down ISIS, one step at a time

Over the past several months, one name has been making headlines all across the world: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Oubab Khalil, chief of staff for the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces’ Representative Office, and Bassel Korkor, U.S.

NEWS 2/6/15 2:02pm

Cheat Sheet: Free community college

President Barack Obama has big goals regarding American education standards. A major part of his plan includes making the first two years of community college free for any student with a C+ average or better. By 2020, Obama hopes that the United States will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world, and that community colleges will produce an additional five million of them. His desire for an additional population of community college graduates stems from the increasing perceived need to have at least an associate’s degree in the professional world.