Students safe after shooting threat in D.C.

7/29/16 5:01pm

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Twelve Elon students experienced a close call after a potentially fatal shooting on Sunday night around 11:30 at the George Washington Center Residential & Academic Facility at NoMa. According to senior Steven Armendariz, the building's fire alarm sounded shortly after 11:30 PM. ...

Hillary Clinton makes history as Democratic nominee

7/29/16 1:51am

PHILADELPHIA-- Making history in her signature pant suit, Hillary Clinton officially became the first woman to accept a major political party’s presidential nomination Thursday night.  She accepted the nomination “with humility, determination, and boundless confidence” from ...

19-year-old NC delegate attends DNC

7/28/16 10:25am

[embed]http://[/embed] PHILADELPHIA -- John Easterling is a University of North Carolina at Greensboro student, a North Carolina delegate and a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Elon student among delegates at DNC

7/28/16 10:15am

PHILADELPHIA -- Traveling across many state lines, one Elon University student found his way into the Democratic National Convention. The Mayor of Atlanta invited senior and Georgia native Chris Edwards to the convention.

In Charlotte, Hillary Clinton bashes Donald Trump's claim of 'I alone can fix it'

7/25/16 3:55pm

Charlotte—If actions speak louder than words, than Hillary Clinton’s recent deeds scream a nugget of her mindset heading into the general election—North Carolina is going to be a battle ground state. In the span of almost five weeks, the presidential candidate has traveled to the Tar Heel State three times,including a stint with President Barack Obama in his first public act on the campaign trail.

See all of Elon Local News and The Pendulum's coverage from the RNC

7/24/16 1:22pm

CLEVELAND — Last week, The Pendulum and Elon Local News jointly covered the Republican National Convention. Instead of covering what everyone else was — Melania Trump's plagiarism, pandemonium over the rules package and the absence of party leaders like John Kasich and Mitt Romney — we decided to focus on what you, our audience could only find here. We spoke to Millennials attending the convention about their experiences and thoughts about the Republican Party.

As RNC concludes, LGBTQIA rights take center stage

7/23/16 9:51am

CLEVELAND — LGBTQIA rights, a subject that’s kept the Republican Party at odds, surfaced on the crowning night of the Republican National Convention, further deepening the divide and putting into question where the party would stand if Donald Trump is elected president.

On last day of RNC, protesters relatively quiet

7/21/16 4:11pm

CLEVELAND — It’s the last day of the Republican National Convention, and while downtown streets are still filled with people, one group isn’t as prominent as expected. Protesters. All week, demonstrators have filled Public Square, Prospect Avenue and E.

Police presence felt on third day of RNC

7/20/16 9:02pm

CLEVELAND – Protesters flocked here the past three days to voice their opinions. Different groups are speaking their mind on religion, foreign policy, LGBT issues and more seemingly all day long.

Protesters fill streets outside RNC

7/20/16 7:38pm

CLEVELAND — Protesters filled Prospect Avenue and E. 4th St. downtown Wednesday, a block from the Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena, burning American flags and forcing police to call a dispersal order on the streets.

Millennial Republicans host Youth Caucus

7/19/16 8:32pm

CLEVELAND — Nick Allman decided it was a good idea to get all the young Republican delegates together. So he started a Facebook group. Could you get more Millennial than that? Around 30 people were at the Cleveland Marriott on Tuesday as Allman organized the first meeting of what he called the Republican National Convention Youth Caucus.

John Kasich suspends campaign

5/4/16 12:36pm

Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich delivered an emotionally-charged speech at 5 p.m. Wednesday to announce his withdrawal from the presidential race.

#ActualSororityMove spreads on campus

5/4/16 10:19am

This story is being covered by Selina Guevara and multiple staff members. Updated May 4, 10 a.m. [youtube=] The #ActualSororityMove campaign that started on Elon University's campus and engaged over 3 million online viewers continued Tuesday morning at College Coffee.

Magnitude-7.8 earthquake strikes Ecuador

4/25/16 1:41pm

On Saturday, April 16, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador’s coast, killing hundreds and injuring thousands more. Countless others await aid in more rural areas. The hardest-hit area of the South American nation was the coastal Manabi Province, a main tourist area.