NEWS 4/20/15 12:31am

Elon community runs 5K to raise awareness for H.O.P.E.

Over 230 Elon students, faculty and community members participated in the Run for H.O.P.E 5K on Saturday, April 18 on campus. H.O.P.E., which stands for Health Outreach Program of Elon, is a student-run pro bono clinic that provides those in Alamance County and the surrounding area with free physical therapy treatment.

NEWS 4/14/15 4:56pm

Students seek action during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The NSVRC states the one in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted during college, even though a majority of both never report the assault. Students and organizations around Elon's campus are taking part throughout the month to educate, raise money and awareness. Here's a list of events happening around campus from April 13-20: April 13-The Clothesline Project: Taking place at Speaker's Corner, The Clothesline Project is an opportunity for students to hang t-shirts with various messages and decorations to raise awareness for sexual assault and to support survivors. April 14-Supporting Survivors Whiteboard Campaign: Taking place at College Coffee on Tuesday Morning, the campaign encourages people to write why they support survivors of sexual assault. April 14-Banner Making for Take Back the Night: 4:30-8:30 p.m.

NEWS 4/14/15 1:42am

Help U Store It comes to Elon, an alternative storage method for summer

Finding a place to store belongings for three months over the summer can be tough. That's why Elon junior Sean Barry co-founded Help U Store It with his three brothers. "What the idea of the company is, you are going to pack up your stuff in our boxes and we will pick it up from your dorm we'll store it for the summer in our storage facilities and then we will redeliver it to your new dorm come 3 months after the summer," Barry said. Barry and his brothers started the company four years ago in Pennsylvania and provided the service to various schools in the area.

NEWS 4/14/15 1:28am

Railroad Crossings Unsafe and Illegal

Unless you're hearing the whistle of the train as it passes through the railroad tracks running alongside Trollinger Avenue, it is easy to forget that the tracks are more than an obstacle between main campus and south campus.

NEWS 3/31/15 10:31pm

Forum calls for action in conquering hunger in Alamance County

Kim Crawford raised her voice a bit, spoke in a sharp, serious tone and delivered a number of robust messages Tuesday night, but one might have resonated a little more than the rest. She and her three co-panelists were prompted about why, in a country that produces so much food, is hunger still an issue? “It’s appalling,” said Crawford, the executive director of Allied Churches of Alamance County.

NEWS 3/24/15 4:40pm

Homeless and hopeful below the Alamance County poverty line

The human face of homelessness “It’s been rough as far as our family because we can’t stay together in the building,” Vickers said. he has a six-month-old baby girl, Allie, who she wants to raise in a safe environment, but unemployment has made that difficult. “[Day to day], we apply for jobs and more or less try to keep her entertained and hopefully try to get out of there as soon as we can,” Vickers said. “It’s been a struggle.”

NEWS 3/17/15 7:52pm

One Bio Bus Route saves the day for community members

The Bio Bus service helps many students get to campus, Alamance Crossing, Target and even Lowes grocery store, but a route that is often forgotten is the Downtown Burlington Express Route. This route was created in 2010 to help bridge the gap between community members and students with hopes that this service would be useful to both. "It's free it beats walking and it takes you places that you need to go," said community user Prince Blackwell. Now that the route has been in existence for five years, the route serves as the only public transportation available to community members making the access to this bus critical for the community. "It's good for the community of Burlington because we have no transportation at all, we all have to walk," said Burlington Resident Phillip Walker. The loop is an hour long and has 10 stops stopping in places like Allied Churches, May Memorial Library, Wal-Mart and the Burlington Housing Authority.

NEWS 3/7/15 2:00pm

Taking flight at Elon aviation

The latest addition to the Triad’s aircraft industry, Elon Aviation, looks to get more would-be pilots into the air and capitalize on growing local demand. After longtime FAA-certified flight instructor Chris Whittle struck out on his own to launch the business last December, the startup has already expanded in hiring another instructor and  is considering adding two more planes to its current couple-sized fleet. Calling his biggest challenge “the fear of stepping out into the unknown,” Whittle has sold about a half-dozen students on his personal flying philosophy, which requires singular focus, then drilling and drilling until a maneuver is mastered. One of them, Raleigh resident Joe Clarke, pegged the cost of obtaining his FAA-certified private pilot’s license at $8,000 — $1,000 more than Whittle estimated for an average price tag of $8,000.

NEWS 3/5/15 10:37pm

Alva J. Sizemore, Jr. named Town of Elon fire chief

Alva J. Sizemore, Jr. has been hired as the Town of Elon's new fire chief, the town announced Thursday. Sizemore, Jr., whose official title is the Director of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services, will start March 23. "I look forward to having Alva join the Town of Elon and becoming a member of our team," Town Manager Richard White said in a statement. Sizemore, Jr.

NEWS 3/2/15 11:54pm

Public school closings cause problems for students

While most of the snow has melted away, some members of the Alamance and Guilford County communities continue to deal with the aftermath of the winter storm. Students in the Alamance Burlington School System returned to school today after nearly two weeks off due to the weather.