Letters to the Editor

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Letter to the Editor

I recently came across a well-written article in the sports section authored by Zachary Horner. In this particular article, Mr. Horner interviewed two of my teammates in regards to their efforts to spread their religion with those on the Cross Country team.The article gave an in-depth view of the religious views that these two particular athletes have, both of whom I have the utmost respect for. In the wake of the article, I am uncomfortable with the new view that has been shed on the team.

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Letters to the Editor: Amendment One

Emily Kane '13 May 3, 2012 Despite originally being from Kentucky, in the three years that I have been attending Elon, I have made this place my home.  I don’t just consider my Elon community of faculty, staff, and students to be home though.  I feel a connection to this entire state through both my physical experiences here and my friends and their families who were born here.  I keep coming back to the idiom, “home is where your heart is,” despite its cheesiness.

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Letter to the Editor: National Day of Silence

Spectrum, Elon’s queer straight alliance, invites the campus community to participate in the national Day of Silence on Friday, April 20, as part of our 2012 Pride Week (April 16-21). The Day of Silence is an annual event when high school and college students across the United States take a vow of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQIA) bullying and harassment in schools. Research from Campus Pride’s 2010 State of Higher Education for LGBTQIA People shows that lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer college students and faculty experience significantly higher rates of harassment and discrimination than their straight counterparts.

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Letters to the Editor: Hypocrisy exposed

The Elon community responds to "Hypocrisy exposed." In response to this an other feedback, The Pendulum published a follow-up editorial. If you have an opinion or comment on one of The Pendulum's articles please write a letter to the editor. All letters must be signed and emailed to pendulum@elon.edu.

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Letter to the Editor - Sept. 20 2011

Diversity is not black and white; it is the exact opposite. Black is white. Straight is gay. Christian is Muslim. Elon announced in its strategic 10-Year Plan that its first priority is an "unprecedented commitment to diversity." Are students ready for such a commitment? Considering that the Class of 2015 is the most "diverse" Elon has ever brought in, what makes Elon a place where people are comfortable victimizing others, and in such a public way? It is clear from Elon's perfectly trimmed grass and swift replacement of missing bricks that image is important. Thus, reluctance to address a problem that could jeopardize its recent ranking in U.S.