NEWS 4/17/12 12:59pm

Brits hunt for massive eggs

On Feb. 21, London launched The Faberge Big Egg Hunt.  More than 200 eggs were dispersed throughout the city in 12 different zones.  Participants could access zone maps online to assist them in their search, which listed the eggs that were found in that particular area.  For those requiring more assistance, a cheat sheet showed the location of all of the eggs using Google Maps technology. Peter Faberge, the namesake of the hunt, is most well-known for his imperial Easter eggs. Each egg measures two and a half feet tall and is intricately designed by an array of artists, designers, architects and jewelers, making for a diverse range of eggs. Though the most eggs remain in the same place during the event, one particular egg moves around the city, presenting a challenge for serious hunters.  Similar to the classic children’s books where readers search for the missing man in red and white stripes, the “Where’s Wally” egg changes locations throughout the hunt. Once participants found an egg, they could text in for a chance to win the Diamond Jubilee Egg.  Throughout the duration of the hunt 12,773 egg hunters sent in messages, which created a new Guinness World Record. The eggs were auctioned off both at Sotheby’s and online.  During the live auction at Sotheby’s, 30 eggs were purchased, totaling £667,000.  The remaining 180 eggs were sold online. The money that was collected benefits two charities, Elephant Family and Action for Children. In an effort to spread awareness and protect habitats, Elephant Family has ongoing projects in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Sumatra, to which the money raised from The Faberge Big Egg Hunt will go. Action for Children supports 50,000 neglected kids throughout the United Kingdom to provide support and counseling to their families. While living in London during their semester abroad, various Elon students participated in the fun. Sophomore Emily Liberatore and junior Sarah McDowell diligently searched for the eggs, covering a few different zones throughout the hunt. “It was a really fun way to see areas that I wouldn’t normally go to,” McDowell said. Liberatore said they both enjoyed the experience. “We met a lot of new people this way,” she said. Those unable to successfully find all of the eggs had the opportunity to view them at the conclusion of the event, when all the eggs were displayed together in Covent Garden Piazza from April 3-9.

NEWS 4/9/12 8:57pm

Senegal rejoices for new president

Macky Sall defeated Abdoulaye Wade in the second round of presidential elections in Senegal March 25, and took office as the fourth Senegalese president April 2. The 2012 elections have been marked with strong opposition to the now former president, Abdoulaye Wade.

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Correspondents' Corner - April 9, 2012

Rachel Southmayd HAIFA, ISRAEL - To celebrate Passover this year while studying abroad, I spent the first night of the holiday having a Seder, or ritualistic holiday dinner, with a Hasidic Jewish family in a town outside of Tel Aviv.

NEWS 4/3/12 8:23am

International Briefs - April 4, 2012

Canada says goodbye to the penny Jim Flaherty, finance minister of Canada, announced March 29 that the country will stop producing and distributing pennies to banks and businesses this fall.

NEWS 3/27/12 9:00am

Israel parties during annual Purim celebrations

For any unassuming American, looking at an Israeli street during the holiday of Purim would be nearly indistinguishable from a Halloween party in the United States, that is except for the smell of falafel wafting above the heads of costume-clad adults and children looking on as street performers roam about and music from a concert reaches the furthest corners of the city. It doesn’t matter if you know what you’re looking at or not, one thing is for certain: Purim is a holiday for party-goers. Technically, the Jewish holiday commemorates the story of Esther and her uncle Mordecai, who convinced Esther to sway King Ahasuerus to not proceed with the plan presented by his adviser Haman to kill all of the Jews in the land. Purim is a celebration of a triumph over anti-Semitism. In today’s world, it has become an opportunity to have a good time.

NEWS 3/27/12 7:36am

Correspondents' Corner - March 28

Rebecca Cummings SINGAPORE — Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world, has one of the best health care systems and has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. It is a country in which we have been told it is ok to drink the water, which is a rarity.

NEWS 3/27/12 7:30am

International Briefs - March 28

Social upset in El Salvador El Salvador has been recognized as one of the most dangerous countries in Central America due to drug cartels and gang violence, but recently the death toll has dropped dramatically,  causing suspicion that the government has made secret agreements with the gang leaders to stop the killing. Neighboring countries’ authorities have accused the government of partnering with the drug cartels and gangs, which has caused distrust and unease throughout El Salvador.

NEWS 3/13/12 11:00am

Chilean school system met with controversy

When conversing with each other for the first time, many American college students ask "Did you attend private or public school?" It is an inquiry as customary as “where are you living on campus?”  Thus, many students respond with just a few words, and their conversations proceed to different subjects.  But if you ask a Chilean university student about the administration of their primary and secondary education, the response will not be brief, and you might even find yourself listening to a manifesto. The reason for this complication is that “all the primary and high schools in Chile are private,” said Chilean native, Francisco. That is not to say there are no public schools.  Public schools exist in name, but a Chilean public school does not receive funding through citizens’ taxes and receives very little in the form of federal funds.  Therefore, students from kindergarten to 12th grade must pay tuition every year in order to attend school, no matter what school they attend. The only types of governmental assistance offered to the guardians of students are subsidies that do little to lower the cost of primary and secondary education significantly. “The basic cost of a Chilean (primary and secondary) education is 1.8 million pesos (approximately $3,715 USD) per year.

NEWS 3/8/12 1:26pm

Costa Rica enjoys economic stability

In Latin America, many regard the United States as somewhat of a colossus to the North. Symbols of red, white and blue have long contrasted with cultural and political ideals south of the border due to heritage and customs. Today, if nations are to effectively collaborate, it is most often on the waves of an economic current. This idea is no less true in Costa Rica, the small Central American nation ranked No.

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International Briefs - March 6 2012

Russia passes new anti-gay law St. Petersburg legislatures approved a law Feb. 29 that prohibits homosexual propaganda. Gay rights groups have expressed the fear that they will not be able to pursue their agendas as they have been allowed to in the past.