Candidate preaches change in Italy

10/3/12 10:18pm

FLORENCE, ITALY — It is election season, and not just in the United States. The race for the Italian Senate, and ultimately Italy’s Presidente del Consiglio, or Prime Minister, has begun.

London Design Festival continues city's art legacy

10/3/12 10:16pm

LONDON — During the weeks following the close of the Paralympics, visitors to Trafalgar Square, a cultural center in the city of London, found an interesting object in the middle of the square: a large black metal orb. To passersby, it probably looked like an eyesore, but to those emerging from it, ...

Correspondents' Corner: Paradox in Paradise

10/2/12 8:55pm

DAKAR, SENEGAL — Goree, a picturesque island just two kilometers from Dakar’s harbor, provided my first refreshing escape from the busy, dirty city of Dakar to a serene, beautiful island still dotted with colonial era buildings and cobblestone paths.

Stockholm v. Copenhagen

10/1/12 9:39pm

[twocol_one]  COPENHAGEN   [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] STOCKHOLM   [/twocol_one_last] [twocol_one] Cultural Diversity Nearly everyone you pass on the street looks very similar and very Danish — tall, blonde, slim, high-cheekboned — except for a number of Turkish immigrants.

A Real-Life Princess

9/25/12 1:20pm

"She explains the whole line; the family name and she looks it up on Google," Elon freshman Max Rudisser says.

Correspondents’ Corner: Playing the Role of Foreigner

9/24/12 8:07pm

SEVILLE — Perhaps it is the colorful city map peeking from the corner of my purse, my tendency to walk in the green bicycle lanes or lack of incredibly bronzed skin that gives me away as a foreign student in Spain. It can be difficult to ignore the inquisitive glances I receive when I’m obviously stumbling my way through the halls of the University of Seville.

Study abroad trips to Egypt permitted post-revolution

9/20/12 9:33pm

Students are able to return to Egypt to study after the height of Egypt’s 2011 revolution closed Elon University's abroad program at American University in Cairo. Students who attended a recent interest meeting with a representative from AUC could be the first from Elon to study in Egypt since the program was suspended.

Students take a spin with the tango

9/20/12 9:23pm

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – One of the first things students studying abroad in Argentina encounter is the prominence of the sensual and sultry dance: the Argentine tango. The tango, which is as much of a mixture of cultures as Buenos Aires itself, made its first appearance in the capital city right around the same time as immigrants from all over Europe as well as the gauchos, or cowboys, from the provinces. Each group brought with it its own developed form of dance.

Taste of the World

9/20/12 9:21pm

Elon study abroad students are discovering cultural foods, drinks and customs around the world. From the unique foods to the classic dishes of their current country, thy are giving their taste buds a tour of the culture. Les petits gouts: Mini pastry pleasures by Claire Mayo MONTPELLIER, FRANCE — France’s culture, passion and identity revolves around its food.

Outnumbered: Language barrier in Barcelona

9/18/12 8:56pm

My journey to Barcelona was uneventful.  I packed everything I needed, didn’t forget my contacts and made both of my flights with time to spare. But one image stuck in my mind. As I was going through security in the Boston airport, I noticed an older man and his son directly in line directly behind me.

Elon's Latina Community Broaden Their Experience On Campus

9/18/12 7:29pm

Hispanic students count for four percent of the student population at Elon University. Some were born in the United States and others come from countries like El Savador, Costa Rica and Panama. For these students, communication is more than just words.

Argentinians protest in opposition to current president

9/17/12 5:40pm

BUENOS AIRES — There have been multiple protests in Argentina in opposition to the current president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner gave a televised speech for the Dia de la Industria, the Day of the Industry, on September 2.