NEWS 2/19/13 6:02pm

Syria Close To Home

Professor Haya Ajjan and her family are from Syria, and after two years of fighting, her family is still broken. "His family was waiting for him one night, and he did not come back.

NEWS 2/12/13 9:53pm

Pope's resignation respected by Elon faculty, students

Pope Benedict XVI became the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign from the papacy Feb. 11, citing his advanced age as the catalyst for his decision. Benedict, 85, is the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics across the world. Benedict began his papacy in 2005 after the near 30 year reign of Pope John Paul II.

NEWS 1/24/13 12:00pm

Searching for a sense of community amid Brixton's violent past

LONDON — Brixton. It’s located in central London, but have you ever even heard of it? The main groups of immigrants are those of African and Caribbean descent, but Brixton is also home to a multitude of different cultures and ethnicities. Brixton is largely unknown because it has undergone massive changes in recent years — changes that have attracted an influx of people to the area.

NEWS 1/22/13 7:31pm

Biking, bussing, and braving Bornholm: DIS students take on the rainy season

Beautiful, brazen and blustery Bornholm. The isolated island east of mainland Denmark is known for its vast lavender fields, steep cliffs and its well-known biking paths. The island itself is small but crowded, with nearly 40,000 inhabitants. But Bornholm’s biking paths seem endless, carrying bikers from historic, round churches to quaint harbor towns.

NEWS 12/17/12 1:54pm

Clinton speaks human rights in Dublin

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke on “Front Lines and Frontiers: Making Human Rights a Human Reality” earlier this month at Dublin City University, just five days before Human Rights Day on Dec.

NEWS 11/27/12 11:44am

Despite cease-fire, Israeli-Palestinian conflict not over

More than 60 years after the start of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the battle rages on. Recently, a cease-fire was called after a series of attacks that lasted eight days, and Israeli and Egyptian officials began discussing the parameters of theMiracle Mastery cease-fire on Monday.

NEWS 11/16/12 2:54pm

Barcelona participates in 14n nationwide strike

BARCELONA, SPAIN – An estimated one million citizens in Barcelona participated in the nationwide general strike, called 14n, on Wed, Nov 13. The protesters boycotted their jobs and filled the streets of the city center with signs and flags depicting scissors to signify resentment toward the government’s employee benefit cuts.

NEWS 11/14/12 2:58pm

Reaction to Puerto Rico's Statehood Vote

Cristina Cartagena is a first year student from Puerto Rico and looks forward to what will happen if Puerto Rico becomes an American state. "I'm actually kind of glad they voted because it would be so much better if we could become a state," Cartagena said.

NEWS 11/6/12 5:14pm

Correspondents' Corner: Election polling in Spain

Correspondents’ Corner is a place for The Pendulum’s team of international reporters to reflect on their time abroad and share stories about the new cultures they are experiencing. SEVILLE, SPAIN— On printed jean shorts, biker boots and simple shirts, the flag of the U.S.A.

OPINIONS 11/5/12 6:11pm

Absentee voting from Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — I knew when I decided to go abroad this semester that voting absentee would be part of the experience. I registered to receive my absentee ballot before I left and once I was abroad, I waited early for the email.

NEWS 10/28/12 3:36pm

Festivals continue despite economic situation in Spain

BARCELONA - Spain has been combating an economic recession and a 25 percent unemployment rate the past four years, and the end is nowhere in sight. Weekly transportation strikes and marches protesting high tax rates have erupted across the country. On September 25, 6,000 protestors stormed the Spanish Parliament in Madrid demanding for an end to austerity measures and for the resignation of Spain’s central conservative government.

NEWS 10/23/12 10:51pm

Debates continue about Turkey joining EU

ISTANBUL — For the financially strapped European Union, there is one lingering question: Should Turkey become the newest member of the EU? The European Union is comprised of  different countries, each represented in legal decisions.

NEWS 10/23/12 10:49pm

Spain's economy causes continued protests

SEVILLE, SPAIN — For students, walking home through the center of town from a late afternoon class occasionally involves navigating through an organized, yet noisy, public protest on the cobblestone streets of Seville. Shiny banners denouncing the government’s newest austerity plan, shrill sounds streaming from plastic whistles, grumbling megaphones and strategically placed clusters of police are slowly becoming part of the regular street scene in the historic city center of Seville.