NEWS 2/28/12 4:45pm

Going green means more than just saving energy

Despite the fact that Elon University's colors have long been maroon and gold, its perpetual efforts toward increased environmental sustainability may soon turn the school colors to an Earth-friendly green. But Elon is not the only campus to embrace the “all things green” mentality. The trend of increased sustainability has been popping up on college campuses across the country, effectively announcing a conscious effort by American youth that Al Gore would be proud of: to accept responsibility for the preservation of our environment. But going green means more than just creating campaigns toward conserving energy and recycling.

NEWS 2/21/12 3:24pm

The Endemic of Apathy

Transparency was the buzzword at last week’s Student Government Association debate and in candidate speeches for the upcoming election.

NEWS 2/15/12 6:08am

Student election rules unclear to SGA officials

With Student Government Association elections less than a week away, Elon University students are being encouraged to support their classmates running for executive positions by exercising one of their basic rights: the right to vote.

NEWS 1/31/12 7:10am

Numen Lumen Pavilion: expanding or containing diversity?

The construction of the Multi-faith Center symbolizes Elon University’s mission to develop a community diverse in practice and belief, but student reaction to current diversity initiatives does not promise that completion of the Numen Lumen Pavilion will realize the administration’s goal. While Jan Fuller, university chaplain, said she believes the younger population is less confined to its own religious point of view, campus organizations do not reflect this ideal.

NEWS 12/8/11 9:09pm

The Pendulum responds to community feedback

"We are a community that must listen to one another, even when that dialogue is one that's not necessarily easy." In the past 24 hours, The Pendulum has received a mountain of feedback concerning this week's front-page editorial. Thank you all for your comments, support and criticisms.

NEWS 12/7/11 9:20pm

Hypocrisy exposed: Pendulum staff questions sincerity behind university's pursuit of free speech

We've seen a special College Coffee, discussions and forums, the creation of a Speakers' Corner and the Elon administration make free speech and the First Amendment rights of students a matter of high importance. Yet in the last week, the university administration has bluntly put an end to this dialogue by punishing a student for speaking candidly about a serious campus problem.

NEWS 12/6/11 12:32am

As 2011 ends, where do we go from here?

It has not been an easy year. It hasn't been easy on our campus, on this nation or on the world. We have an economy still dragging its feet, a government that hasn't accomplished as much as we hoped but still declared cafeteria pizza a vegetable and a population fed up and rioting in cities across the country.

NEWS 11/29/11 5:16pm

Student body can't ignore other 'F-word'

The F-word is ugly. No, not the four-letter one, but the other one, a once harmless British word meaning "bundle of sticks." If you're waiting to see it printed here, keep looking because you won't find it.

NEWS 11/7/11 2:46pm


Censorship. It's a word and concept that should send a shiver down the spine of anyone who supports the First Amendment.

NEWS 10/26/11 2:40pm

Smith Jackson emails losing significance

Around 8 a.m. Oct. 19, students received a notification on their phone or laptop about an email from Smith Jackson, vice president of Student Life, titled "Missing Student." The email said that freshman student Matt Hunsinger had not been heard from since 5 p.m.

NEWS 10/12/11 8:08pm

Occupy Wall Street protesters follow tradition

The Wall Street Journal is a journalistic institution. First published in 1889, the same year as Elon's founding, it is one of the nation's most widely-read and well-respected journalistic institutions. But last week, despite the growing number of Occupy Wall Street protesters, the paper offered little coverage, and certainly not front-page real estate, to the thousands who had taken to marching, chanting and carrying signs decrying the financial industry and blaming it for the state of the American economy.

NEWS 9/28/11 11:24pm

Celebrate First Amendment Day

It's the ugliest word that can be uttered in a college newsroom. And unfortunately, it's an all too frequent occurrence. College reporters across the country wake up to find their newspapers snatched from stands, broadcasts barred from airing and their funding slashed by angry student government associations and university officials. Censorship.