NEWS 11/27/12 10:06pm

Time to let the Phoenix out of its cage to revive school spirit

[quote]Elon students are in the midst of an identity crisis.[/quote] When we think of school spirit, we may think of bleachers filled with energetic students echoing chants with their school mascot painted on their chests and faces. But as muchviagra tablets as we talk about the strength of our close-knit community here at Elon University, we as students do a poor job of actively supporting that community.

NEWS 11/8/12 11:01am

Hidden course fees negatively impact student bank accounts

Amid all the recent buzz about student loans, the skyrocketing price of higher education is a hot topic across America — but the financial impact of college extends far beyond mere tuition payments. Plenty of secondary expenses that aren’t factored into the annual college “sticker price” lighten many students’ wallets every semester.

NEWS 10/30/12 7:30am

Local, state level campaigns overshadowed by presidential election

In nine days, the next president of the United States will be elected. If you’re like most students currently in college, this year will be the first time you are old enough to vote in a presidential election. But just knowing the differences between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney isn’t going to cut it.

NEWS 10/11/12 2:06am

Student voice imperative in university's decision about Chick-fil-A

College students are irresponsible. They don’t stand for anything. They waste all their time on Facebook or sleeping instead of getting involved in their communities. We’ve all heard the classic stereotypes about American youth today when it comes to issues regarding society, government and current events.

NEWS 8/24/12 8:37pm

Back to basics: 6 tips for surviving freshman year at Elon

Congratulations and welcome to Elon University! As you rush from place to place during this orientation weekend, take a moment to realize the importance of the journey that lies before you and how Elon will be here to support you over the next four years. The excitement on a college cam- pus during orientation is palpable.

NEWS 4/9/12 9:30pm

Student dining options undervalued in comparison to community needs

“The meal plan options here are way too expensive.” “Late night McEwen should be open every night, not just weekends.” “Wait, there’s no more killer cookies?” These are just a few comments about Elon University’s on-campus dining options that can be frequently overheard from Colonnades to Harden and McEwen to Moseley.

NEWS 3/27/12 2:39pm

Women’s contributions to society cannot be crammed into 30 days

Women throughout history have made unparalleled contributions to our society, contributions that have benefited both women and men.Their efforts are noticeable within our society every day, in fields ranging from politics to science, education and health care. And yet, the daily contributions of these women to society are annually shortchanged and shepherded into a disproportionately small amount of time designated to honor them. Women's History deserves more attention than it currently receives.

NEWS 3/14/12 7:20pm

Student passion must be met with university commitment

At a recent rally against Amendment One to the North Carolina State Constitution, more than 100 students, faculty and staff showed up protesting the unfair disregard for the rights of LGBTQ citizens throughout the state. While the rights enjoyed by the LGBTQ community at Elon are not to be questioned, they have not been fully realized, because of the delay of the opening of the LGBTQ office, currently coordinated by Kirstin Ringelberg, associate professor of art history. In an interview with The Pendulum after taking over the position in August, Ringelberg acknowledged the challenges posed by the lack of a physical space. “The lack of visibility on campus is one of the things that allows our population to be invisible, and therefore to not be supported in the same way that it would be if it was more visible,” she said. That is not to say the LGBTQ community of students has not led the charge of the movement. This semester in The Pendulum, you’ve read about the Vote Against movement drumming up opposition to Amendment One, which would more strictly define marriage as only between a man and a woman. You’ve heard from junior Laura Sturm, who is single-handedly coordinating a proposal for gender-neutral housing to present to the university administration. You’ve scrolled through the QueErLON Blog, featuring real stories from your peers and professors about the LGBTQ community and its allies. But what remains noticeably absent is the physical office space promised to the Elon LGBTQ community.