Prepare to adjust Greek perceptions

9/16/15 8:05am

At Elon University, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life — formerly the Office of Greek Life — is making an effort to improve the relationship between Greek organizations and the rest of campus and the general perception of Greek organizations on campus. But these efforts can’t be one-sided. ...

Study abroad for yourself, not others

9/9/15 8:05am

Students must decide for themselves what they want their abroad experiences to be. They can choose to go somewhere that will further their career goals or that offers courses specific to their major, or they can choose to go to the same abroad destination as their friends. These options are not mutually ...

Make Elon 101 more collaborative

8/26/15 11:27am

On paper, the TA serves only as an assistant to the faculty or staff member instructor and explains parts of Elon the instructor isn’t familiar with. But the TA should take a more interactive role that allows him or her to better engage new students and prepare them for life at Elon both inside and outside the classroom.

Persistent, progressive momentum

8/22/15 2:43pm

The past year was not an easy one for Elon University. After repeated bias-caused incidents challenged Elon’s goal of creating an open and safe environment, the community made considerable progress toward finding solutions that would benefit all. It would be a shame to let that progress stagnate.

Elon should support current international students

5/6/15 12:54pm

Elon University boasts about its international population in many of its publications and all over its website, but this population is marginalized even as the university works to expand it. The university has a small international student population and is making an effort to further develop the program, but in its attempt to increase the number of international students it has forgotten to provide adequate support for the international students already here. According to the Elon Fact Book, 6 percent of all graduate and undergraduate students at Elon — 386 out of 6,483 — are international students.

University should minimize Festivus damages

4/30/15 12:12pm

Elon University administrators did their part in muddying up campus when they chose not to provide hoses outside residence halls for students celebrating Festivus Sunday, April 26. Traditionally, students who participate in Festivus leave trails of muddy footprints and ruined clothing behind them as they trek home to shower and recover from the festivities. This year, lacking hoses — and perhaps sobriety — with which to clean off, these students undoubtedly created a mess for Physical Plant staff, who don’t deserve such treatment. The mud students tracked across campus and into their dorms had to end up somewhere. Robert Buchholz, associate vice president for facilities management and director of Physical Plant, said some of it ended up plastered on buildings. The university hasn’t always deprived students of the tools necessary for cleaning off. MarQuita Barker, associate director of residence life for operations and information management, said the university has provided hoses for students to use after the event for the past few years. But this year, administrators decided against it because Festivus is not a university-sponsored event, and they didn’t want to “enable students.” According to Barker, the goal of not enabling students with hoses was to stop the growth of Festivus as a campus tradition.

Spring football jeopardizes players’ health

4/1/15 2:57pm

The crunch of the fall leaves and the brisk wind blowing as the sun sets are sentiments usually associated with football season. Not the chirping of birds and spring flowers. Spring football practice has continued to grow across the college and high school game, with spring games at larger schools drawing upwards of 40,000 people.

Collecting donations too central to Elon Day

3/11/15 1:16pm

The hashtag elicited countless pictures of dogs wearing t-shirts and people clad in maroon and gold, as well as astronomical numbers of donations. But #ElonDay should go deeper than that. As the occasion stands, the crux of Elon Day is an appeal for donations.

I’m sorry, Smith Jackson, I am for real

3/5/15 5:36pm

Don’t shoot the messenger, or emailer, of snow day decisions With one notable exception, Elon University has made the right decision when it came to closing school for weather over the last couple of weeks.

Growing Greek culture creates pressure to conform

2/11/15 11:18am

The Greek system at Elon University is a social force to be reckoned with. It occupies too much of a presence on campus, and the pressure to rush has never been more intense. Many freshmen have fallen victim to the notion  — whether it’s true or not — that they must pledge to a Greek organization or kiss their social life goodbye.

At Elon, opening the dialogue on suicide

1/21/15 1:15pm

Talking about suicide saves lives, and we’re too often too quiet on the subject. Last week, Elon University junior Trent Stetler died of a suicide, as confirmed by the Burlington Police Department.

Elon administration correctly cracks down on hazing

11/19/14 12:16pm

Elon University’s recent suspension of the Epsilon Theta chapter of Sigma Pi has been an important decision in upholding policies against hazing. Too often, the concept of Greek Life becomes synonymous with the hazing of pledges.