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Inside Elon's home sweet homes

Creativity is all around Elon, but a lot of it is only seen behind closed doors. We’re making it our job here at The Edge to take you behind the scenes to view some of the best living spaces on campus.

NEWS 11/28/13 12:45am

Decadent divulgence: The world’s best hot chocolate locations

It’s always a good night when you can enjoy a mug of hot chocolate as you do homework on a chilly fall evening. Though a packet of Swiss Miss with mini marshmallows is good enough for most college students, imagine the possibility of being able to fly to some of the world’s best, most luxurious hot chocolate destinations instead. Here are a few locations where drinking hot chocolate is serious business, and your cup of Swiss Miss will likely pale in comparison: Café Angelina: Paris, France Rumored to be the best hot chocolate — as well as the most expensive — in the world, refined Café Angelina makes sure its hot chocolate is worth every euro.

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Bon Appetit: Local Eats of the Area

Prego’s Trattoria: Serving friends, not customers After working in the restaurant business in New York for 21 years, Vincento Hernandez had finally had enough. Hernandez, who now owns The Original Prego’s Trattoria on S.