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Student entrepreneurs take their skills to the next level

Elizabeth Greenberg had no idea the origami flowers she sent to her friend in the hospital would turn her into a student business owner, but they did. Similarly, Yasmine Arrington didn’t realize her idea for a social service presentation would become a reality in the form of a nonprofit, but it did. We all know Elon is a place full of motivated people.

NEWS 3/15/13 4:55pm

Painted shoes pave the way to Africa for two Elon sophomores

When a friend asked sophomore Cate LeSourd if she would help lead a fundraising campaign in support of a summer service trip to Africa, Cate immediately thought, “Man, I wish I could go with her.” Four months later, she is. On the surface, LeSourd fits the mold of your typical, enthusiastic Elon student—assuredly overcommitted, yet wildly successful.

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Animal Lovers Wanted: Pet Adoption Center enlists volunteer help from college students

You’ve probably seen the commercials. Those deep brown eyes that have cried countless puppy tears, the matted, flea-infested fur begging to be combed and rubbed, and the protruding rib cages, evidence of malnutrition and cruelty. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA, is notorious for its heart wrenching commercials that may entice you to run out to your local pet adoption center or hug your own furry best friend a little closer.

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Blandwood Mansion allows N.C. visitors to see the past

Progressive and modern might not be how you would describe a site rich in history, but that’s exactly how Blandwood Mansion’s Executive Director Benjamin Briggs said the landmark home was designed. Former North Carolina Governor John Morehead was the most notable owner of the home, who completed the mansion in 1846.

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Elon's Own Traumarama

Everyone has a bad day, or sometimes just a really bad moment. These anonymous embarrassing stories are enough make even the most dignified college student’s skin crawl.

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Balancing science and art

For third year doctor of physical therapy student Ryan Mason, photography is a way to not only make some extra money, but to do something completely outside of the science world, just for himself. “What started off as something that was just kind of fun on the side became almost a necessity for me to have a break from (school),” Mason said.

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Graduating the Elon Bubble

Rigorous application processes. Waiting around for job offers. Making new living arrangements. Ask any graduating senior at Elon and they will say they’ve dealt with all this and more when making plans for what they’re going to do after leaving college this May. But for four of these seniors, their post-graduation to-do list includes something substantially larger and even a bit frightening – preparing to move to another country all together. “Right now, globalization is everywhere, so it’s good to find a job offer abroad,” said senior Hiroshi Wada, who will be working for Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company in Japan, after he graduates. Not only are the economic aspects beneficial, but working internationally often entails doing something worthwhile to achieve the coveted status of “global citizen,” a term Elon promotes regularly through on-campus programs and lectures. “My goal is to find something that I can be passionate about and bring it back over here (to the United States) in future endeavors,” said senior Gayla Carr, who will be moving to Italy to teach English to children. And though they may have a general goal in mind for moving to a different country, these students can all agree on one thing: They have no idea what to expect. Life decisions on a whim Brett Brawerman: Peace Corps in Moldova As the creator of his own independent major, sports and health business, senior Brett Brawerman always thought he would be working in sports marketing after he graduated. When he heard that a friend of his had applied for the Peace Corps, Brawerman didn’t think much of it.

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Dogs, cats and bunnies - oh my!

It’s common knowledge that animal lovers at Elon are typically disappointed to know that on-campus housing only allows the keeping of fish as pets. But for some students, off-campus housing is a prime opportunity to enjoy all the comfort that a home offers, including the chance to have various types of pets. “Having an animal is great because you know there’s always something there that depends on you and will love you unconditionally,” said sophomore Kristi Oristian, who lives off-campus with her rabbit, Lumpy (both pictured above). Oristian received Lumpy as a present for her 18th birthday before she came to college.

NEWS 5/5/12 7:54pm

4 Life Lessons We Learned from Walt Disney

Here’s a social experiment. Next time you’re in your dorm with suitemates, or taking a road trip with friends, grab your iPod and play “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” As Donny Osmond’s silky-smooth voice filters through the speakers, take note of how many people can recite the song without missing a single lyric (some may even add animated gestures while they sing). As long as you’re singing with fellow college students, I’m willing to bet at least half of your group will complete the song seamlessly. Disney movies like “Mulan,” which graced us with the song in question, have been a cornerstone of our lives since we were old enough to walk.

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Exploring Asheville

Asheville is a vibrant town that hosts a variety of things to do and places to see when visiting. You can hike the Big Fork Ridge Trail, visit the Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center and see a concert at the Grey Eagle Tavern and Music Hall all in the same day. “Asheville has a really artsy vibe,” said junior Kaitlin Briley.