NEWS 3/15/13 4:57pm

Essentials for spring break

The Perfect Bikini Swimsuits are must-haves for any trip involving fun in the sun! Try bringing a couple of suits that include different styles and colors so you can mix and match. Light and Comfy Cover-Up Whether you are lounging on the beach or cooling down at the snack shack, cover-ups are essential to a beach day.

NEWS 3/15/13 4:56pm

Wardrobe transition: winter to spring

It’s always a challenge to fit wardrobes from every season into a small dorm-room closet.  This encourages some serious creativity to use pieces year-round.  The key pieces that transcend the seasons can help save your wallet as we transition from winter to spring. Scarves: There’s no doubt that a scarf is traditionally a winter accessory, but recent trends have scarves as an ideal piece in layering for the spring.