Surrounded by Struggle - The Elon Bubble

4/1/14 12:47am

The thought of Elon University generally does not bring to mind pictures of poverty, hunger and struggle. Elon students enjoy the campus’ beauty, state-of-the-art resources and less-than-arduous daily life.

Spring Trends

4/1/14 12:28am

There’s nothing like adding a few of these season’s wearable trends to your wardrobe and revamping your style for both on and off campus!  1.

Spring with the Rainbow

3/31/14 11:36pm

What time is it? It’s (almost) springtime! While you’re excited about planning your spring break, we are thrilled to tell you what colors people in the fashion world are talking about this spring.

Halloween Costumes

11/3/13 6:08pm

Although classic costumes are simple and easy, if you’re looking to get a bit more creative this Halloween, you may need to take a page out of celebrity’s books.

Fashion FYI for Men and Women

11/3/13 6:02pm

Grab your pumpkin spice latte, get cozy by a fire and take notes on The Edge’s fall fashion FYI for 2013. Women Pajama Style Pants Pajama style pants have been popping up everywhere this summer and fall.

Revolution à la mode

11/3/13 5:45pm

Sitting at Gate A6 I must have seemed like a pale, inanimate ghoul. Every ounce of blood that rushed from my head was replaced with the overwhelming thought: What in the world have I just done? Studying abroad.

125 Years of Elon Fashion

10/18/13 12:23pm

In celebration of Elon’s 125 years, we were curious to find out how the university’s fashion has changed since its birth.

Style your summer with cool confidence

5/13/13 12:00am

Society is on the cusp of astronomical change: men are beginning to care what they look like. Menswear no longer resorts to the find-whatever’s-on-my-floor-that-doesn’t-smell-like-wet-dog philosophy of “Dazed and Confused.” Men’s fashion has reverted back to simpler days of sharp, bold simplicity.

Arm candy: Accessories for the fashion-forward college student

5/13/13 12:00am

This summer, there’s a party on your arm, and guess who’s invited? Bangles, cuffs, watches, woven leather, wrap-around bracelets, and pretty much anything else you can tie around your arm. Bracelet stacking is a versatile trend that allows you to add sparkle to an outfit that lacks flair.

Shopping on a college budget

5/13/13 12:00am

A fabulous closet can seem impossible on a college budget. After all, your money is more than likely being spent on textbooks and coffee instead of designer shoes and this season's newest handbag.

Top five summer shoe trends

5/13/13 12:00am

Hot weather is just around the corner and your summer wardrobe can’t be complete without the five hottest shoe trends of Summer 2013.

What should be in your beach tote…

5/13/13 12:00am

When embarking on a day to the beach, preparation is key.  We have emptied out our beach bags and compiled a list of what we think is essential for your beach tote. When embarking on a day to the beach, preparation is key.  This list contains items that we find essential to bring along! Vichy sunscreen: This sunscreen is a top brand on the market right now because of its intensive UVA and UVB protection. Aloe Vera: If you have had too much time in the sun, aloe vera will help soothe the pain and heal sunburn instantly. Maybelline Baby Lips: When it comes to sun protection, one thing that is constantly forgotten about is lips.