NEWS 7/31/15 12:07pm

Gisele Bündchen wore a burqa and people are not happy

Gisele wore a burqa to visit Paris and secretly got $11,000 worth of plastic surgery on Wednesday. Photos of the supermodel show her failed attempt to hide from the paparazzi in a burqa as she stepped into a plastic surgery clinic in Paris, France. Pictures on June 30th also surfaced and show Bündchen walking into the same clinic.

NEWS 7/29/15 6:15pm

Zayn Malik Goes #Zolo

Zayn girls, rejoice, your hour is nigh — and so is Zayn’s. The 1D-detractor has gone #zolo. [embed]https://twitter.com/zaynmalik/status/626484859905658881[/embed] Zayn Malik tweeted a picture of himself signing a deal with RCA records this afternoon, officially moving from the label that repped One Direction and joining the likes of Chris Brown, Shakira, Justin Timberlake and Alisha Keys. His initial tweet was swiftly followed by another with the hashtag #REALME and one that strongly implied he had been planning his solo career for a while now — since his departure from One Direction.

NEWS 7/29/15 2:48pm

Taylor Swift meets her godson for the first time ... and it’s adorable

International superstar, songwriter and recent revenge-seeking heroine Taylor Swift has just added another title to her overly packed resume: godmother to a beautiful little boy named Leo Thames. Son of “Hart of Dixie” actress Jaime King and her director husband Kyle Newman, Leo was born July 16 and is already in great company.

NEWS 7/28/15 11:12am

Ivana Trump stirs up political scandal for ex-husband Donald

In the world of political warfare, there are few boundaries that will not be crossed. Just this morning, The Daily Beast proved this point with its grave allegations against current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The post initially stated that Donald’s ex-wife, Ivana, accused the business tycoon of marital rape, but she has since set the record straight. “The story is totally without merit,” Ivana said.

NEWS 7/27/15 2:18pm

Netflix to edit video offerings in August

Leo fans, prepare yourselves. We’re sorry to have to say this, but “Titanic” is sailing away from Netflix. Beginning August 1st, Netflix will lose several programs, the most notable of which is the epic “Titanic.” But it’ll be okay, everyone.

NEWS 7/27/15 9:41am

Seven songs to get you through this week (7/27)

Because, honestly, we need all the help we can get. (MONDAY) There are few things harder than waking up and heading to work Monday morning, but this Major Lazer banger will give you all the energy you need to get your day started. [embed]https://open.spotify.com/track/7r15j439zkGhA3KRksbwuv[/embed] (TUESDAY) Keep that beginning-of-the-week energy up with this trippy tune from Joywave and KOPPS. [embed]https://open.spotify.com/track/5mCprFWOqe0jB96v9RhLBo[/embed] (WEDNESDAY) Two things.

NEWS 7/26/15 11:27pm

Week in review: 7/20- 7/26

All the news you need to know from last week: J.K. Rowling released the tuition cost for Hogwarts: If you’re a Hermione Granger wannabe, you’re in luck: J.K. replied to a fan’s asking if attendance to Hogwarts is free.

NEWS 7/26/15 11:05pm

'Friends' Intro Gets a Furry Re-make

Forget “man’s best friend” — these rescue puppies just replaced the iconic “Friends” cast in a mock-intro of the famous television series. This video depicts baby canines, rather than the original human actors, running around in inflatable pools, playing with hoses and proving that even the most basic of summer items are so, so much cuter with a puppy — or five. Hilariously enough, Chandler Bing’s character was kept in human form — because, well, why not.

NEWS 7/26/15 4:06pm

The emotional stages of meeting your favorite celebrity

When you first hear your favorite celeb will be in town ... ... so you drop all your plans for that day. And as you wait in line to see them, you start to get emotional ... Then people in line with you start pushing you around to get to the front ... But then you get your first glimpse of your fave! Now you're almost ready! You’re finally meeting your favorite celebrity!

NEWS 7/26/15 11:56am

Kelly Clarkson does yet another cover (yawn)

Kelly Clarkson recently covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” at a concert in Toronto, and though most of the Internet is freaking out over it, we’re not. This is the third song Kelly has covered in the last week (first came Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” then N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”), and while we appreciated Kelly’s surprising cover choices, this has officially gotten old. Hey, Kelly, we get it. You’re great at covers.

NEWS 7/26/15 9:41am

Kim Kardashian pushes new Twitter feature

Usually, when we hear about Kim Kardashian, all the commotion has to do with her newest book full of pictures of her own face or her most recent scandalous photo shoot featuring her abnormally large backside.

NEWS 7/25/15 11:49am

Girl gangs = health benefits

Taylor Swift might be onto something more than simply instilling envy in the hearts of any human who looks upon her and her near-perfect girl gang and inspiring what many people have come to call “#squadgoals.” According to a recent study, not having a close group of friends in your 20s and 30s can actually be worse for you than drinking excessively or suffering from obesity.