NEWS 3/14/17 6:55pm

One year after House Bill 2's passage, Elon University still feels impact

At the one-year anniversary of House Bill 2, Elon University has just begun to realize the breadth of the impact of this controversial bill. Despite the university’s choice to distance itself from the legislation, the university has not been able to completely avoid the fallout. From SGA members, student-athletes, prospective students and students fighting to find their voices, many has been affected in one way or another. Bit by bit, actions have replaced words.

NEWS 3/7/17 8:00pm

Latest parking lot sparks curiosity among Elon Elementary

Elon University is continuing to grow its campus with the expansion of the Love School of Business and the Schar Center. Its latest expansion effort can be seen with the construction of a new parking lot adjacent to the McMichael Building. The parking lot is set to have 165 parking spaces available for faculty, staff and visitors, according to Dan Anderson, vice president of University Communications. It will replace some existing parking spaces between the Colonnades Neighborhood and McMichael. The spaces being eliminated will be used for Sankey Hall. The construction of the parking lot is set to be complete by the end of the 2017 spring semester, which is when Sankey Hall will begin to be built.

NEWS 3/7/17 7:05pm

Philo bug causes problems with TV access

Some students living on campus may be unable to watch live television broadcasts via the school's new digital cable provider, Philo due to a bug in a recent Roku software update. Last December, Elon university students were informed via email that the university was transitioning from "from traditional cable television to a new, state-of-the-art system that delivers live television over the data network." Students were also told they would be able to access the service though their laptops, desktop computers, Apple TVs and Rokus.

NEWS 3/7/17 6:58pm

Bodenarain Joins Presidential Search Committee

Before moving into her new office, Student Body President-Elect junior Morgan Bodenarain already has some big decisions to make. In an email sent out to all students, Associate Vice President Jeff Stein announced two students who were appointed to the Presidential Search Committee to find Elon University’s ninth president. Though the committee doesn’t officially meet until March 15, Bodenarain already has an idea as to who she would like to see succeed President Leo Lambert.

NEWS 3/7/17 6:56pm

Elon students weigh option to participate in presidential search

President Lambert’s school wide announcement about the ending of his term, mentioned the work that the community still had ahead to find the next president of Elon. “I look forward to our work together in the months ahead as we achieve our goals, celebrate our shared accomplishments and anticipate the arrival of Elon’s ninth president,” – Leo Lambert, President. To find Lambert’s successor, the Board of Trustees created the “Elon Presidential Search Committee.” This committee's first primary focus is to gather community input and incorporate that school wide input into their decision making process. According to the search committee, “input from the entire Elon Community is essential at this stage of the search.” The committee is hoping to learn the thoughts of Elon members on the university’s priorities and the qualities, skills and experiences that they are looking for in the next president of Elon. To achieve this goal of gathering community input, the search committee sent out a “Elon Presidential Search Survey” to the entire school on Mar.

NEWS 3/7/17 12:15pm

Bodenarain appoints new Executive Board

An election that began with no candidates for three out of four executive positions has officially concluded, and Student Body President-Elect junior Morgan Bodenarain has released her decision for appointments for executive vice president, executive secretary and executive treasurer. Elon University junior and current SGA senator Spencer Wagner is the new student body vice president-elect and will succeed Elon senior Mark McGann.

NEWS 3/7/17 12:00pm

Recent national rise in anti-Semitism causes concern among Elon Jewish students and faculty

In recent months, Americans have witnessed a surge in anti-Semitism throughout the United States. Combined with the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, bomb threats against Jewish community centers and schools across the country have provoked a national discussion about the recent rise of prejudice and bigotry against Jews. Although this heightened atmosphere of anti-Semitism has not physically manifested itself at Elon University, Jewish students and faculty on campus view the increased discrimination against Jews as a cause for concern.

NEWS 3/6/17 11:03pm

SGA Hosts Town Hall for Students to Discuss Immigration Ban

When President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven countries in the Middle East, the Elon University community responded to the ban from University President Leo Lambert issuing a statement to university students, to students traveling to Raleigh-Durham International Airport for protests.