Elon community celebrates Fiesta de Independencia

9/15/17 7:03pm

Elon University’s Hispanic and Latinx community gathered Sept.15 in front of Lakeside patio to celebrate the Independence Day for five Central American countries: Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Elon Move-In: Frenzy at Target

8/31/17 2:45pm

For all those last minute “need-to-have” items, Target comes to the rescue. Students and families flocked to Target today to get everything they may have forgotten at home or didn’t realize they needed. The goal: to buy everything you need while your parents are still there so you don’t have to pay for any of it. But after a few hours, there was no where to park and some items sold out.

Here's how to set up Philo and HBO GO

8/25/17 11:37am

Philo is a television streaming and recording students available free of charge to Elon students. Through Philo, students can access popular channels like Philo can be streamed while students are on campus to most laptops, phones, and tablets as well as second generation or higher Apple TVs and Rokus.

Where are they now? Here's what some Class of 2017 graduates are up to

8/25/17 8:30am

It’s been three months since the class of 2017 has thrown maroon caps into the air, leaving professors and students eagerly awaiting to hear of their success. Not a moment too soon, Elon graduates have wasted no time in jumpstarting their futures, some landing positions as early as May of 2017. Jane Seidel ‘17 is one of such graduates, beginning her career at the Wall Street Journal in New York City at the beginning of the summer.