Scenes as Tropical Storm Michael hits Elon on Friday

10/12/18 4:04pm

Wendy Williams and other members of Physical Plant race to clear campus of debris caused by Hurricane Michael. The storm showered Alamance County with 2.5 inches of rain and had wind gusts up to 56 mph, leaving more than a dozen trees down and a lot of debris to clean.

Scenes as Hurricane Michael hits Elon on Thursday

10/11/18 3:31pm

On the first full day of Fall Break, rains from Tropical Storm Michael have reached Elon University.

Downtown Elon stores prepare for Hurricane Florence

9/14/18 2:28pm

As Hurricane Florence approaches the Town of Elon, some local businesses are locking their doors in preparation for the storm. 

Elon Move-In 2018

8/24/18 2:08pm

Sights from all over Elon University as the Class of 2022 moved onto campus.

Elon students paint on the "Love Graham Arts Festival" mural

5/21/18 12:20pm

Freshmen Lily Sandifer-Stech and Juan Rios paint hearts onto the "Love Graham Arts Festival" mural, May 19.

The Elder Family painting hearts at the "Love Graham Arts Festival"

5/21/18 11:57am

Pete Elder and his two kids, Norah and Crosby, participate in the "Love Graham Arts Festival" by painting hearts onto the new mural, May 20

confederate day photo gallery

5/10/18 10:53pm

Confederate supporters came to the Confederate Memorial Day Service hosted by a southern rights organization, Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC) May 10 at the Alamance County District Judge building

Retiring Elon faculty members in some of their last classes

5/3/18 3:27pm

Photos of additional Elon faculty members, not interviewed within the article that are retiring at the end of the year.

The Breakaway Trail

4/23/18 9:36pm

A gallery of images from The Breakaway Trail.

Smith residence hall, days after its first opening, and today.

4/18/18 12:09am

Smith residence hall, days after its first opening, and today. 

Smith Hall gallery (Drone Photos taken by Jared Mayerson)

4/18/18 12:04am

What the notorious male dorm, Smith Residence Hall, looked like in it's early days of construction and what it looks like now. 

Mean girls

4/4/18 11:42am

"Mean Girls" will be Weed's first time premiering in a major role in a Broadway production. Photo courtesy of Emilio Madrid-Kuser.