Class president Kenneth Brown Jr. has been making his mark in Washington, D.C., this summer by learning about new ways to improve SGA through the Presidential Leadership Summit (PLS) program.

Brown said by attending PLS last week he was able to learn about how to ethically accomplish a variety of projects and initiatives and learn from other students who were already strong leaders on their campuses.

About 200 students came out to the session from a variety of universities — public and private schools, big and small schools. The different voices of students represented at the program helped Brown learn how to better lead Elon in the coming year.

Brown understands this year SGA has an all-female executive board. After the leadership summit, he felt more pressure to make sure all voices at Elon are represented.

“For us, acknowledging the fact that our presence, being all guys, can kind of persuade a gender and being cognizant of the fact that there are other voices that aren’t at the table,” Brown said. 

An important part of SGA is its committees. Brown said he wants to keep them focused in the coming year and keep them “on the same mission.”

“How can we as an [executive] board impact our committees?” Brown said. 

SGA funds students to go to the event after looking at excess funds at the end of the year. Both Brown and his vice president, Charlie Cheema, had a chance to attend the work session. 

Elon’s student body presidents have been learning from this leadership summit since 2015. According to the PLS website, the summit is “the largest convening of student body presidents from colleges and universities.”