Updated as of 10:30 p.m.

Ryan Watts won the North Carolina's 6th Congressional District democratic primary, defeating Gerald Wong. Watts will now face Republican incumbent Mark Walker in the November election. 

During his victory speech at the Burlington Public House, Watts told his supporters, "For too long people have said that democrats can not come together. Tonight showed different." 

Currently 94 percent of precincts are reporting that Watts has 77 percent of the total votes. 

But Watts said the race isn't over yet. 

"We didn't take anything for granted in this primary, and we aren't going to take it for granted in November," Watts said.

Watts said one of the big differences between him and his opponent Walker is that he doesn't receive special interest donations. Instead, his supporters vote to him directly. 

"It really comes down to — does our message resonate with people? Are people looking around to see we are different than the status quo?" Watts said.