Students gathered in Moseley Center tonight to hear the final results of the SGA 2018 election. 

Junior Kenneth Brown, who ran unopposed, will now be succeeding senior Morgan Bodenarain as SGA executive president. 

After two days of voting online, the results are finally in. A total of 2,881 students voted in the SGA elections, a 36 percent increase in voters from last year. 

“It’s a pretty surreal moment," Brown said. "Me and my team campaigned as hard as we can. It feels good."

Brown will appoint new members to all the vacant positions before April 7. 

Junior Charlie Cheema was elected executive vice president. Junior Max Pivonka will be the new executive treasurer, and sophomore Jack Johnson will be the new executive secretary. 

Jana Lynn Patterson, faculty adviser for SGA, is excited for what is next for the organization. She said this year students were much more involved in the campaign process than any other year before, which contributed to the increase in participation of students in the elections. 

“I am saddened to lose the four executives that we have now,” Patterson said. “But I’m very excited about the incoming executives. This whole group has worked really hard on campaigning.” 

The president of the class of 2019 is Colton Cadarette. The vice president position for the class of 2019 remains vacant. With Cadarette, Elyse Cowles will begin serving as the class of 2019 secretary. The new senators for the class of 2019 are Sophie Zinn and Caitlin Brady.  

The president, vice president and treasurer positions for the class of 2020 are vacant. The secretary for the class of 2020 is now Samantha O’Connor. The senators of the class of 2020 are Katie Wakiyama and Julia Field. 

Maggie Brown
Junior Jack Johnson hugs a supporter after he was elected executive secretary.

The class of 2021 president is now Jessica Flacksenburg. Noah Dyson will be joining her as class vice president. Secretary of the class of 2021 will now be Nicholas Urbanski and Claire Babey will be serving as treasurer. Lauren Kottcamp and Brandon Veal will be serving as class of 2021 senators. 

Noah Dyson is excited to begin his new position in student government. 

“I’m happy that I won. I ran with so many people who worked hard. And I know when it is my time to serve that I will do my very best,” said Dyson. “I’m all about building close relationships with the class, starting next week if you go to my instagram page, you will be able to have lunch with me between 12 to 1.” 

Serving on the academic council for the School of Communications will be Sienna Standfield and Eleanor Cook. For The College of Arts and Sciences, the representatives will be Lousia Sholar and Stefanie Milovic. Positions on the academic council for the School of Education and the Love School of Business have yet to be filled. 

Students will begin their positions on April 7.