A panel was held discussing the issues of immigration Monday evening in McKinnon Hall. 

The panel included Associate Professor of History Michael Matthews, Assistant Professor of Political Science Jessica Carew, Assistant Professor of Economics Brandon Sheridan, and Clinical Practitioner in Residence Fellowship Katherine Reynolds. The discussion was moderated by Associate Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies Jason Husser.

“It’s a very timely discussion," said sophomore Zach Skillings. "I’m not very well versed on this topic, so I’m looking forward to this educational opportunity."

Many students were concerned about the role the current administration plays in recent immigration policies. Matthews noted that immigrants are treated much differently under the Trump administration than under previous administrations. 

“The current attitude is grotesquely absurd and offensive,” Matthews said.

Panelist Jessica Carew shared similar sentiments. 

“Passing DACA legislation in congress should be easy, but it’s not,” Carew said.

She later touched on the preconceived notions that Americans have toward immigrants dating back to the 19th century. She explained that Europeans immigrants were considered lazy and rapists by Americans.

Sheridan, a professor of economics, says this simply isn’t true.

“Immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a business than a native-born American,” Sheridan said. “Don’t be afraid to become friends with people who are not like you”.

Sophomore Paloma Figueroa was excited by the panel. “I think a lot of people got a lot of knowledge out of this,” Figueroa said. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 20 there will be another discussion on immigration. For more information, follow @Immigrantrealities, @ihu_elon, @spanishcenter and @eu.hallforchange on Instagram.