Elon University will begin limiting study abroad trips to a maximum of 80 students per trip, according to Bill Burress, associate director of study abroad. 

The change will most directly affect Elon's London study abroad program, which had more than 100 students this fall. 

"We obviously expected this to have an impact on London," Burress said. "The London program is a great program, but there are also other great programs out there that we want students to take advantage of."

But not everyone is happy with the change. 

Junior Caroline Frankel, who studied abroad in London this fall, disagrees with putting a cap on any student abroad trip. 

"I think it's sad that if it's someone's dream to go, they're now being told no," Frankel said. 

Burress said the change will be an opportunity for students to explore areas they wouldn't have before. 

"One of the things we hope happens is students will be like, 'Oh, I may or may not be able to go to London so let me look at some other programs', and they'll get excited about other programs as well."