SGA held its second annual Elon Ball last night in Global Commons. Last year, 900 students came to the event. But this year, over 1,200 students dressed up for a fun night filled with music, dancing, food and a red carpet. 

The goal for many of SGA’s events is to bring the student body together. After the school year starts, many students become involved in different student organizations on campus. Advisor of SGA Jana Lynn Patterson said this event began last year because students wanted an event for everyone to attend. 

“People come in together as one Phoenix, then they join this club or that club or this club, and they tend to go out,” Patterson said. “But [SGA] really wanted an event where the organizational affiliation was gone, and that’s why this is called a One Phoenix event.” 

The budget for the night was $20,000. But executive treasurer Joe Arthur told Elon News Network that SGA was a few thousand dollars under budget. 

“We tried to find a happy medium and to set a limit to make it better than last year,” Arthur said. “We got great feedback last year, and it was something we really wanted to continue.” 

Walking in, students had their photos taken on the red carpet. A live band performed hit songs, a table with appetizers greeted students at the door and a cash bar was available in the back. 

For the upperclassmen students, the bar was an important part of their night. 

“The bar was the draw,” said senior Mary Alice Alnutt.

With events on campus involving alcohol, campus police is required to attend. Officer Michael Stone was tending the bar that night.

“For this event, students have been drinking responsibly,” Stone said. 

For students not affiliated in Greek organizations, the Elon Ball was a great way for them to have the experience of going to a formal without having to be involved in fraternity or sorority life.

Sophomore Jess Burchett, who is not affiliated, was glad to have the opportunity to attend the Elon Ball. Because of all the different people who came to the event, she felt a sense of unity.

“There are a lot of different kinds of people here from all different departments, which is nice. I feel like that doesn’t happen often,” Burchett said. “I wasn’t expecting this. It seems like everyone who is here is enjoying it and it’s not weird.” 

Junior class president Max Pivonka enjoys being a part of the experience of bringing students together and celebrating his school.

“The point of the Elon Ball is it’s supposed to be a really inclusive event for everyone to come — no matter what Greek organization or other student organization you are involved in. It’s an opportunity for us all to come together and celebrate the fact that we are all together at Elon.”

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