The first floor bathroom of Smith Residence Hall was vandalized for the second time this school year on January 13 according to an Elon University Campus police report obtained by Elon News Network. 

The damage — totaling an estimated $850 — included a broken bathroom stall door, missing ceiling tile and missing sink hole cover. 

Vice president for Student Life Jon Dooley told ENN in an email "it appears that this was a relatively minor situation involving $62 in repair."

Dooley added, "The dollar figures in those reports are merely best guess estimates by the officer responding at the time."

According to Dennis Franks, director of Campus Safety and Police, vandalism damage totals on police reports can end up being higher or lower than the initial estimate.

"It's not our job to determine exact cost," he said. "There is really no way to determine exactly how much damage costs."

This incident marks the second time the first floor Smith bathroom has been damaged this school year. 

A urinal was ripped off the wall in September, costing the University "thousands," according to first floor Resident Assistant Jared Henderson. 

No individuals have been implicated in either incident.