This month a new business fraternity has officially made its name on campus. Delta Sigma Pi is the latest fraternity to become officially recognized after a complex two-year process.

Franki Filandro, President and Founder of Elon’s Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, said that the process of bringing Delta Sigma Pi officially on-campus was not easy. Early on, Elon did not recognize Delta Sigma Pi as an on-campus organization.

“We would literally run around during our meetings, just trying to find a spot to meet, outside or in a classroom that wasn’t being used, and then once we got approved by Elon, we could do those events that nationals required us to do,” Filandro said.

This spring, the national business fraternity was first denied the application to become a recognized chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, but Filandro kept leading the fraternity as a colony. This fall, after reapplying, Elon’s chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was officially established. 

“When we first started, many people told us at Elon that we didn’t need another business organization, everyone is fine with what is already offered,” said Filandro.  “Creating a new organization is simply saying that there is a need for something other than what is already offered. Over sixty members later, I am proud to say that we were looking for something different and we made the difference that was needed.”

Lindsay Bennett, the District Director of Delta Sigma Pi, has helped these students through the long process.

“The dedication and perseverance the members have shown over the past two years is astounding! I look forward to seeing their growth as a Delta Sigma Pi chapter and future business leaders,” Bennett said.

Raghu Tadepalli, dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, decided to be initiated into the fraternity this weekend.

“The installation of the Phi Psi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is a significant achievement for students. As a professional fraternity focused on commerce, ethics, and unity, it can be a valuable resource to business students. I look forward to working with chapter leaders to advance its goals,” Tadepalli said.

Junior Noah Brown, Vice President of Finance in the chapter, said, “DSP hopes to foster professional networking and career development for students in the Love School of Business. We will be a powerhouse organization in the future of Elon.”

The Phi Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi holds the record for the largest colony to be installed in the history of the international organization. 

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