A former Elon University police officer has been charged with felony child abuse charges. 

Owen Covington, Director of the Elon University News Bureau, released a statement via email on behalf of the university.

“On Oct. 16, 2017, Elon University Campus Safety and Police was notified that a member of the department, Erin Rumley, had been arrested and charged with a felony crime unrelated to her work at the university. Based on the criminal charges and other information provided to the university by authorities, the university has terminated Rumley’s employment for cause, effectively immediately. 

Erin Rumley was sworn in as an Elon University police officer on March 13, 2017. Because of medical issues, she never served as a campus patrol officer. She has been on leave since Sept. 14."

Christopher Wilburn, an Alamance County deputy, was also charged in connection with the abuse.

Documents from the Alamance County Sheriff indicate that a child in the custody of Rumley and Wilburn was dropped of at a daycare with a "repeat pattern of severe bruising and a shoulder injury."

Dan Anderson, vice president for university communications, told ENN via email "the university is not involved in the investigation and has no more information to release" and that the charges "have nothing to do with the officer’s work at the university."