After a trade deal made a little more than a year ago, Elon University has formed a tentative plan to tear down the existing Elon Elementary School, located on East Haggard Avenue. 

 The plan includes building on-campus resident housing that would connect to campus. Due to the proposed plans for expansion, the Town of Elon is contemplating annexing 752 Walker Rd., a property that currently lies in Boone Station Township. 

 As a result, the University would provide the Alamance-Burlington School System with the Walker Road property and construct a new school for free. 

 According to the Alamance-Burlington School System Board of Education Chair, Steve Vanpelt, the tentative plans for the current location is a win-win situation for everyone.

 “Elon University gets the land that the school currently sits on, and we in turn, get a new Elementary school," Vanpelt said. 

 This upcoming Tuesday, the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education will attend a presentation on the deal.