Update as of May 31

Molly Offstein is leaving the Shepherd Center in Atlanta to receive treatment at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in her home state of Maryland, according to a Facebook post from her father, Evan Offstein. Offstein is still recovering after being hit by a car in March.

The post provided an update on Offstein's health, explaining that her physical health is improving, but she has not showed signs of any significant recovery from her traumatic brain injury (TBI). She has not exited a vegetative state.

"There are only a few medications that can be given and 'brain surgery' for TBI is almost unheard of and wildly experimental," Evan Offstein wrote in the post. "It is, for perhaps these reasons, that the biggest contributory variable towards recovery is not drugs, nor surgery, but, quite simply, time."

The Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore has guaranteed an eight-week stay as Offstein continues her recovery process. 

"In closing, we are, indeed, in miracle territory," Evan Offstein wrote. "And to paint a rosier picture would be both irresponsible and dishonest. With that said, there are people [at the Shepherd Center] — just two doors down, in fact, who have made enormous — if not miraculous, progress. We are not giving up."

May 22: In a Facebook post on Thursday, Molly Offstein's father shared an update on the health of his daughter, a freshman member of the Elon women's cross country team who was injured after being hit by a car in March

"Molly remains in a vegetative state," said Offstein's father, Evan, in the post. "She is not responsive to commands or meaningfully and consistently engages with her surroundings." 

The update, which was posted in the Facebook group "Show us Your Shoes", which was set up to "show support, love, prayer and healing thoughts for Molly Offstein and her family," said that Offstein will leave Shepherd Center in Atlanta around the end of May and relocate to a different hospital.

Offstein's family is considering relocating to a facility in Baltimore, which would be closer to their home in Frostburg, Maryland.

Among the health updates, the post indicated that Offstein's physical condition has improved since her hospitalization. Casts have helped with the tone of her arms and legs, and an operation to return her wisdom teeth was successful. However, it was made clear that her brain injury has not yet healed, as she has is "yet to show any improvement in the cognitive realm."

The post concluded with a message and a hopeful note.

"I hope that nobody ever has to go through what we've gone thru [through] to appreciate some of the smaller things such as a sunny day," said Evan Offstein. "The ability to smile and say hello, to walk, to talk. Those simple things, that most of us take for granted, could change in a second. Appreciate the present – the NOW."

Offstein was originally taken to UNC hospital in Chapel Hill. In the time since the March incident, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes held a vigil to share prayers, songs, and stories, and the Elon track and field team hosted a "Lap for Molly" at a recent meet. Family and friends of Offstein have also been collecting donations towards her recovery expenses.