Letters to the Editor are written by members of the Elon community, not ENN staff members, in response to ENN coverage. Letters to the Editor and other opinions content are separate from news coverage.

We, the Black Student Union, write in response to the recent incident of bias featured in an ENN article, to reaffirm our solidarity with, and commitment to, all Black identified students on the campus of Elon University. As the Black Student Union we are duty bound to support and advocate for ALL of our community members, regardless of Greek, athletic and other affiliations. This incident, like many throughout history, has threatened our very existence and agency, and we will respond as we have in the past with an unyielding commitment to unity and a perpetuation of resilience. We encourage students who feel unsafe to speak out — remembering that this is our campus, too, and we deserve to feel accepted for who we are as Black Students.

We will continue to support initiatives taken to further advance the education and awareness of others on issues concerning race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexuality, gender, etc. The Black Student Union will remain steadfast in our goal to help move these initiatives, as well as our own, from discussions to a true dialogue where we talk and respond to understand instead of reply. We realize that no identity group is a monolith, and every intersection and experience we bring to our communities are vital to understanding each other as people. In order to make any change, we need to truly understand each other, our lives and our perspectives.

To those who are hurt, frustrated, tired, we stand alongside you, for the work is never done.

Once again, we encourage students who feel unsafe to speak out. If you need to talk to someone, contact Counseling Services at 336-278-7280. If you feel that you are in immediate danger, contact Campus Security at 336-278-5555 or call 911.