On Tuesday night, the voices of Elon University's students were heard in the Moseley Student Center’s McKinnon Hall as they were asked three questions by the panel from Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates executive search consultant firm. 

Each student had their own take on what they wanted to say, but the overarching theme that carried through was they all cared deeply about the future of Elon as a university. Students touched on topics ranging from the programs they are passionate about, making sure underrepresented groups already on campus are reassured, and making sure that the campus culture does not get wiped away with the incoming president.

Nick Everage, a freshman at Elon, shared his opinion on what type of candidate need not apply to fill the current president’s shoes.

“If you are someone who doesn’t value a relationship with the students, faculty and the staff," Everage said. "You really have to love the people, and the school really grows on you.”

The back and forth from the panel’s three questions and the students’ responses are what drove the life of the forum. Although all seats were not filled, the only silence during the event was the shuffle between the current speaking student to the next. The students wanted to be heard.

“I think it is important that students from various backgrounds  be involved in opportunities like this," sophomore Bridgette Agbozo said. "When is the next time we are going to have the chance to literally pick the president of our university?” .

“The feedback we got was spectacular,” said Wes Elingburg, chairman to the search committee and member of the board of trustees. “All this feedback will be used as we build a prospectus that we will use to send out to all the potential candidates for the job.”

Jamie Snover, contributor, contributed reporting.

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