UPDATED: March 27, 5 p.m.

Ayana Joyner was arrested Feb. 21 and charged with larceny, communicating threats and resisting a public officer.

Joyner was an Elon University student at the time of the arrest, but the Office of the Registrar confirmed that she has withdrawn from the university for the spring semester.

In an Elon Campus Police Department report, Sergeant Edward Smith responded to a call about a larceny from a motor vehicle. The victim also said they had been receiving threatening emails.

After investigating, Smith arrested Joyner for allegedly taking two pieces of stereo equipment and wires, headphones and a suitcase, which were seized in Joyner’s room.

According to the magistrate’s order, when Smith went to arrest Joyner, she failed to place her hands behind her back when directed to and refused to take her hands out of her pocket in order to retrieve property, leading to the resisting a public officer charge. A court date for Joyner is currently set for May 2.

Joyner previously had been arrested Nov. 21, 2016 on embezzlement charges. Joyner was charged with one count of felony by an employee and one count of obtaining property under false pretenses. After allegedly stealing $5,100 worth of lottery tickets from Speedway at 1427 Maple Ave. in Burlington, the Burlington Police Department say Joyner cashed in the winnings from those tickets, worth $2,850. A court date for these charges is currently set for May 10.