CLEVELAND — Nick Allman decided it was a good idea to get all the young Republican delegates together.

So he started a Facebook group.

Could you get more Millennial than that?

Around 30 people were at the Cleveland Marriott on Tuesday as Allman organized the first meeting of what he called the Republican National Convention Youth Caucus. They’ll also meet Wednesday.

A number of Millennial delegates spoke, and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) also spent some time speaking to future leaders of the Republican Party. Lee was also a prominent figure who vouched for a roll call vote on the first day of the Convention.

“I wanted everybody to meet, exchange information and talk about issues that matter with individuals from our generation,” said Allman, 23, a delegate from Texas. “We have had, and are going to have some speakers coming to speak about the issues that are important to us.”

Logan Nevonen, 23, is an alternate delegate from Texas who’s passionate about women’s representation in politics. She helped organize the logistics of the event, and spoke about her work and research in the field.

She noted how the political climate is changing, and how that might discourage some younger voters from wanting to participate. But Nevonen said the Youth Caucus is a valuable step in shaping the future of the Republican Party.

“Having a disengaged electorate will definitely lead democracy toward the wrong path,” Nevonen said. ”... Events like our Youth Caucus today definitely helps unify the party.”

Nevonen talks about women’s representation in politics at the RNC Youth Caucus.

Xander Almeida, 31, of Portland, Oregon, was critical of the way the Republican Party caters toward younger voters. It’s no secret that Democrats typically control the youth vote in the general election, but Almeida thinks the GOP can improve.

He says events and groups like the Youth Caucus are a step in the right direction.

“I think we can help people hear the message and hear the process and know why this is a good party for the youth,” Almeida said. ”...If you tell young people, you should be able to keep more of your income. You should be able to have less regulations. You should be able to start your own business. You can own your own future, those types of things. That’s a good message. That’s a powerful message. That’s not the message we’re delivering to young people.”

Allman distributed a survey to those in the Facebook group to help determine a Youth Caucus platform, something he’ll compare with the GOP platform to see the differences. He noted this could help in determining better ways to cater toward young people and plans to discuss the results of the survey at Wednesday’s meeting.

He said he hadn’t fully dug through all the results, but that LGBTQIA rights are an issue that typically dissuades young people from voting Republican.

“Many, many people, in my opinion, would otherwise vote Republican, but are turned off by that single issue,” Allman said. “If the party wants to continue and win more — you don’t have to like it, but you have to stop talking about it because it’s damaging to the brand.”

This story was jointly reported by The Pendulum and Elon Local News.

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