Party for the Planet, an Eco-Reps-coordinated event, was an installment of the Elon Earth Week celebration. Aligned with the goals of prior events, the April 22 Party for the Planet promoted eco-friendly living, celebrated the beauties of the natural world and inspired attendees to strive for a healthier planet.

Students and faculty alike were continuously filing through the Koury Center Concourse 3-6 p.m. At the event, they learned about Earth through interactive booths, each sponsored by a different student organization.

Nineteen different student organizations were represented, including Colleges Against Cancer, The Elon Microfinance Initiative and The Elon Community Garden.

One of the most popular attractions featured a booth for blending smoothies by biking.

“All of the booths have an interactive element and have to do with sustainability,” said junior Andrew Nemnich, a student Eco-Rep. “We wanted to make learning about the environment and the Earth enjoyable and shareable.”

Junior Alex Miller represented the Elon Community Garden and said Earth Day is an important holiday for the Elon community to recognize the hard work put in by several on-campus organizations. Her booth featured fresh kale, rosemary, mint and lettuce, which were all grown fresh from the Elon garden. 

“This is all so delicious, and we grew it ourselves,” Miller said. “This school year, we were able to donate over 3,000 pounds of food to people in need.”

Clare Farrow, senior and campus rep for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), ran a booth promoting vegan dietary habits. She said eating vegan goes beyond protecting the rights of animals.

“Honestly, you’d be amazed how much better you feel after not eating meat,” Farrow said.

Her booth came complete with a man dressed as a shower. The man wore a curtain wrapped around him that had a statistic printed on the front informing students one pound of beef requires the same amount of resources as 180 showers. 

The party was filled with scattered laughter from attendees, showcasing the Eco-Reps’ ability to combine fun and education.