While no one questions that baseball and softball are team sports, the art of hitting is an individual battle — one that each hitter needs to approach in whatever way is best for them. Elon University softball head coach Kathy Bocock is a firm believer in doing whatever it takes to get ready.

And if that means having “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child play as a walk-up song, like former Elon baseball player Casey Jones ’15 did before each at bat, then so be it.

“Whatever makes them get into the right place for themselves,” Bocock said. “Sometimes we can try to force them there, but it’s not going to do any good. It’s neat to watch them and listen, because you get to know them a little bit. I think it’s awesome.”

The walk-up song is usually something upbeat and meant to motivate the hitter before they step into the box. Walk-up songs differ for each player — even though some players have the same song — and a few players even have multiple songs, which can be confusing for Bocock.

“I think they have two walkup songs now, so I’ve known the one, but when they come up another time, it’s a different one,” Bocock said. “But when I hear the song and see who’s coming up, I listen to the song and I’m like, ‘Okay, I see why they’re doing that.’ It’s kind of fun. I think they’ve done a pretty good job with that.”

While Bocock can see why the players pick certain songs, Elon baseball head coach Mike Kennedy sees the walk-up songs as a laughing matter.

“It’s comical, some of the stuff they come out there with,” Kennedy said. “What I try to do is go, ‘Alright, what song is that and who is this? Man, that doesn’t fit you. What are you doing?’ They all try to put up a front with their songs. I think it’s pretty funny.”

Kennedy said that a few players on his team have some “really bad ones” and that they’ll make fun of them for it. He also thinks some of the players pick songs to try to get people to dance, which Jones accomplished with his walk-up song.

Here are some noteworthy walkup songs from the baseball and softball teams and why the players chose them:

Softball senior outfielder Emily Cameron: Space Jam (Trap Remix) — Artist Unknown

“I liked the way this remix sounded and my nephew loves the “Space Jam” song, so it’s for him. It also reminds me of the kid in me and think of the quote, ‘Play for the little girl that fell in love with the game.’”

Softball sophomore outfielder Kara Shutt: The Show Goes On — Lupe Fiasco

“I chose this one because it has always been one of my favorite songs and whenever I hear it puts me in a good mood and relaxes me. It’s a good one for me to have especially if I haven’t been doing to well during my previous at bats.”

Baseball junior outfielder Kyle Jackson: They Just Don’t Know — Gyft

“I’ve heard it before and it kind of gets me hyped, but the main reason is I’m a new kid. It’s my first year here and nobody really knows me, so I guess it kind of makes sense.”

Softball freshman infielder Erica Serafini: Feeling Good — Nina Simone (Bassnectar remix)

“I chose this song because each time I step up to the plate, I can’t think of my last at bat — good or bad. This song keeps me relaxed and reminds me to just have fun and enjoy the game.”

Softball junior infielder Emily Roper: Touch the Sky — Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco

“Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco are two of my favorite rappers. I chose it because it’s a really confident song that illustrates the belief I have in myself when I go up to the plate.”

Softball sophomore infielder Jenna Reilly: We Run This — Missy Elliot

“I chose this song because it gets me pumped up, especially the beginning of it when it starts. It reminds me that “my style can’t be duplicated or recycled” and that I am “a sick individual.” Missy Elliot is small and powerful just like I am, and I love listening to her music.”

Baseball senior infielder Tyler McVicar: Return of the Mack — Mack Morrison

“I’ve had that one for the last few years, and I listened to that song for a while. I remember hearing it on the radio and liking it from when my dad put on the radio going back and forth from his games. It’s one of my favorite songs.”

Softball junior catcher/infielder Carey Million: Pretty Girl Rock — Keri Hilson & A Milli — Lil Wayne

“I chose my walk up songs because one includes my first name in “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson, the other includes my last name, “A Milli” by Lil Wayne.”

Softball junior pitcher/outfielder Alaina Hall: Get Back — Ludacris

“I chose “Get Back” by Ludacris because I wanted to make a statement this year, I want to add power hitting to my repertoire. So in the song he says, “Get back, get back, you don’t know me like that,” meaning that you are playing me up because you don’t think I can hit it over your head, or my scouting report says to play me close because I have little power. But surprise, I can. So I’m saying get back, you don’t know me this year. At least, that’s the goal.”