Waking up on a rainy day can seem daunting — gray skies and gloomy moods make getting dressed nothing but drab. Turn your wardrobe woes around by taking a few of these go-to rainy day ideas.

1. Add color

When our days seem dreary, we tend to dress in a way that blends in with our frumpy surroundings. Wear those bright rain boots, throw on a fluorescent jacket and don't be afraid to break out of a mold, even if it's just with some waterproof pieces.

2. Accessorize

If you're in a rainy day slump, add some waterproof accessories. If you're looking for practicality, a clear bubble umbrella is the way to go. Looking for color? Switch that out for a pocket umbrella in a vibrant hue. If you want a quick fix (and a barrier for your hair), throwing on a basic baseball hat goes a long way.

3. Duck, duck, boots

Rain boots are a popular choice and maybe even your go to, but try something new — rain flats. They're the perfect option when you don't feel like clunking around in big boots anymore.

4. Forget waterproof

For most people, boots come out with the first drop of rain. We often forget that rain shoes aren't the only ones that are suitable for nasty weather. Spice it up with some combat boots. After all, they're called combat boots for a reason.