Thinking about dyeing your hair? Follow our easy tips to get the color you've always wanted.

1. Blonde, baby, blonde

Unless you're #blessed enough to have nearly-white blonde strands, you'll need to lighten your hair enough to pick up colored dyes. If your natural hair color is darker than medium brown or if you're bleaching already dyed hair, consider hitting the salon. It's more time and money, but your hair will thank you.

If you want a DIY option, check out Blond Brilliance's bleach and toner. Be sure to pick up a pair of thick gloves and always bleach with a friend.

2. Pick a color, any color

A quick Google search will pull up countless guides on how to choose the best color for you, but not everyone is necessarily subject to these "rules." Instead, have some fun "trying on" different colors, whether it's with Photoshop (a quick cut out and hue adjustment) or putting fabrics of certain tones around your face.

Some dye brands to check out are Pravana, Ion, Manic Panic and Special Effects.

3. Dry shampoo = your new BFF

Pastel colors are quick to fade, so try to go longer between washes. Enter dry shampoo — it's a great way to get rid of excess oil on the days you don't want to wash your mane.

4. Maintenance, a necessary nuisance

You don't think those candy-colored tones manage themselves, do you?

When you shampoo your luscious locks, you'll be faced with a desaturated version of the hair you knew and loved. Not to fear — there's an easy and inexpensive solution: In a bowl, mix white conditioner with a few squirts of your dye. Apply the mixture from root to tip and wait 8-12 minutes, depending on how much color you want to zap back in. Rinse it out in cool water and you'll see the surge of color. Ta-da!

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