Get ready, everyone. The best time of the year is upon us. Yes, that’s right — I’m talking about the long-anticipated holiday season.

The beginning of October through the end of December marks the start of decorations, cheer and, most importantly, delicious food. While the holiday season is undeniably wonderful, it's also notorious for being the cause of unhealthy eating habits. For those of us who enjoy Halloween candy and our grandma’s famous apple pie a little too much, this time of year seriously tests our self-control.

But there's no need to fear the buffet table or the tin of elaborately decorated cookies any longer. Here are some great tips for staying in control of hunger and keeping up with healthy habits.

1. It’s okay to indulge, but don’t overdo it. It’s almost too easy to eat yourself sick during this time of year. With the surplus of homemade food and limited time grocery store goodies, saying no can be a challenge. Just remember that it’s okay to treat yourself with foods you can only get once a year, but be sure to do so sparingly. They are called treats for a reason, after all.

2. Don’t skip meals. If you’re trying to save room in anticipation for your favorite dishes, it’s best to eat regularly throughout the day. It’ll rev up your metabolism and keep you from starving yourself. That way, you won’t overeat and regret the decision later.

3. Stay hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day can also help curb your appetite. People often think they’re hungry when all they really need is to drink some water. So make your camelback your new best friend and drink up.

4. Focus on fun, not food. It’s easy to forget the real meaning behind the holiday season with the scent of delicious food clogging your senses. The holidays are not meant for testing the limits of your stomach but for reconnecting with loved ones and reflecting on what you are thankful for. You can still enjoy your family’s holiday feast, but be sure to make time for other holiday rituals and traditions.

5. Stay active. We all know how hard it is to leave the warmth of our beds just to drag ourselves to the gym. But the holidays are no excuse to skimp on your workout regime. Exercise can help boost your mood and keep your stress level down on those blustery winter days. Plus, it helps compensate for any of those extra holiday goodies you may be eating!

Don’t spend the holidays focused on losing weight. Instead, enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, have fun and relax. Start off the New Year the right way by focusing on healthy habits throughout the Holiday season!