Halloween is all about pulling off the craziest costume. Some people go to Party City, others throw something together with things they already have and some DIY it from head to toe.

If you haven't started thinking about Halloween, you think costumes aren't for you or you want to mix up your costume this year, think Halloween makeup. We're not talking about looking like Bobo the clown - we're thinking theatrical and vibrant makeup looks that will make everyone in the room do a double-take.

Here's a list of our favorite Halloween makeup looks and the products you need to execute them.

1. Scarecrow

This is the perfect look for the simple sweetheart. All it takes is black eyeliner, orange-tinted bronzer and a bright lipstick. Best part? You probably already have these products, so you'll save some cash and a trip to the store.

Take the lipstick and bronzer and apply them as you usually would. Take the eyeliner and draw a line extending from each corner of your mouth. Draw smaller lines through those, perpendicular to the original lines. Finish the look with a rustic, farmer-esque hat. 

2. Roy Lichtenstein Painting

Satisfy your inner artist and take note of this look. In addition to your normal makeup routine, you'll need black eyeliner, cherry red lipstick and body paint in blue, yellow and white. This look is easy to recreate and it's up to you how far you take it - stop after you do your face or continue on to your décolletage.

First, apply eyeliner and lipstick as usual. Then, take the white face paint and cover your face in dots. Next, take the black eyeliner and outline your major features - nose, jawline, lips, etc. Lastly, take the blue face paint to create tears streaming from one eye. 

3. American Horror Story

If you're an AHS fan, pay homage to your beloved show and don this fierce face. What you'll need: black and white face paint, white powder and black mascara.

Paint your entire face white (including your eyebrows!) and set with white powder. Take your black eyeliner and line your lids as much as you want to - they'll be covered in black face paint anyway. Take the black face paint and let it drip from your lower lids down your face so it looks like it's streaming down your cheeks.

4. David Bowie

Though this look isn't very complicated or ornate, it's still recognizable and certainly Instagram-worthy. You'll need red face paint and red, blue and black eyeliner. Finish the look off with a dusting of light pink blush.

Take your red eyeliner and create an outline of a lightening bolt over your eye, extending up to your forehead and down on your cheek. Fill it in with red face paint. Then take the black eyeliner and line the lightening bolt on just one side. Do the same with the blue liner on the same side, right next to the black liner. Finish it off with blush on the apples of your cheeks.

5. Scary Teeth

If you're looking to creep out the crowd, consider this toothy disguise. All it takes is red eyeshadow, white face paint, white powder and black eyeliner. Simple and scary.

Dust red eyeshadow over your lids, creating a soft and sheer layer of color. Feel free to add mascara, eyeliner, false lashes, etc. Next, take the white face paint and paint from your chin to your upper lip, being sure to fully coat your lips. Set the paint with white powder. Then, take your black eyeliner and draw a dark line at the top of your bottom lip and the bottom of your upper lip, extending each of them out on your cheeks. Draw in teeth on the top and bottom using the same black eyeliner with each row meeting at the line you drew.