An Elon University alumnus has accused Tony Caruso, the owner of Tony’s Pubs-N-Subs, of punching him in the mouth after an altercation over a sandwich early Oct. 17.

Caruso has not been charged with a crime and said he didn’t know who hit the man — but that it wasn’t him. Jay Morrow ‘97, the alleged victim, said he’s contacted an attorney and is looking to proceed with any charges possible.

The alleged assault occurred inside Tony’s around 2 a.m. Saturday of Elon University’s Homecoming Weekend, according to a Town of Elon Police report. Officer Ditra Graves of the department wrote in her investigation of the incident that she found Caruso wearing an orange T-shirt splattered with “what appeared to be blood.” Morrow told police his assailant wore an orange T-shirt.

In an interview, Caruso denied throwing a punch and said an “unknown” man struck the victim, then left.

“There has to be a witness there that saw it happen,” Morrow said. “There’s no way someone unseen just came between [Caruso] and I and hit me, and then got past the security guards.”

Caruso denied any involvement in the altercation.

“[Morrow] was clearly intoxicated,” he said. “No one working here or involved here did it.”

Morrow was transported to Alamance Regional Medical Center Saturday to be treated for an “open cut” to his face. Graves observed Caruso wearing a ring that “could have” caused the injury, the report said.

Other Tony’s employees told police Morrow was yelling, complaining about a long wait for an “[expletive] sandwich.”

Two employees told Graves the victim arrived intoxicated and behaved belligerently, spitting on Caruso and another worker. Morrow admitted he was intoxicated, but “not to an extreme.”

Police immediately found no witnesses to substantiate the alleged assault. The case is now inactive, according to Asst. Police Chief James Perry, meaning no further investigation will take place in the absense of new information. But Morrow can bring forward new information at any time. 

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