It's no secret that #armcandy has taken social media by storm in the past couple of months. Dazzling your arm with beautiful bracelets and watches is an excellent way to accessorize.

A simple Michael Kors watch you wear every day can be transformed with just a few pieces, taking a look to the next level. Combining shimmery diamonds with classic pearls is the perfect way to dress up an outfit to make it look chic, elegant and more expensive than it actually is. Adding a colorful bracelet to the collection can make an outfit look lively and cheerful, or it can make a piece of your outfit really pop. Going for a boho vibe? Tie on a few woven or braided string bracelets.

There are endless possibilities to arm candy — the fun of it is mixing and matching pieces to curate the perfect stack. Don't go overboard, though. The point of arm candy is to add to your outfit, not distract from it. A maximum of five bracelets will ensure that the look doesn't get too overwhelming.

Make your arm candy captivating, classic and vibrant, but most importantly, make it you.