After what seemed to be the longest week ever, the day my roommates and I had been waiting for all week finally came. The Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour was stopping in Greensboro, and we had three seats in section 126 with our names on them.

Where do I begin? Yes, it was the most perfect night ever, and yes, I did lose my voice. This was the type of concert where the entire stadium knew every word to every song — I'm not kidding.

Let’s start with the t-shirts. After arriving to the Greensboro Coliseum Complex, my roommates and I knew we needed to get a shirt to remember this rocking night.

We entered the building arm-in-arm with our heads held high, fully aware that we may be the oldest girls at this concert.

After waiting 30 minutes in line, which seemed more like 2 hours, we finally got our hands on some T-Swift memorabilia. We quickly ran to our seats and waited for the opening act, which happened to be the beautiful man himself, Vance Joy.

Vance Joy was the perfect person to open up for Taylor Swift. I was not sad to see him leave, although he was really nice to look at. We jammed to Riptide and were able to save up some energy for the queen herself.

There was a wristband taped to each seat of the stadium. We quickly put the wristbands on and waited for them to light up, which of course meant Taylor was coming on stage.

The crowd was roaring when Taylor came out from under the stage rocking a sparkly jacket and purple skirt. “Welcome to New York” echoed throughout the stadium, and screaming fans started to cry.

Throughout her performance, Taylor interacted with the fans and proved her love for Greensboro. That's one thing I've noticed about Taylor: I've seen her in concert four times, and every single time I've seen her she has made each concert feel unique and special.

Yes, she probably says the same thing to every crowd, but she has a way of saying it with a soft, genuine tone that makes you feel like she is personally talking to you and I love that.

Taylor had been dropping hints throughout her entire concert that there would be a special performance at some point during her show, and my roommates and I were arguing about who it was going to be.

If you read our most recent issue of The Edge, I wrote an entire article dedicated to the country-turned-pop star’s guest performance, aka I was very ready and excited to see whom the guest was.

“She is a role model, a country singer and has won over 11 CMA’s,” Taylor said.

“Oh, it’s Carrie Underwood, for sure,” I said to my roommates.

As the countdown came closer, we were all shocked (and a tiny bit disappointed) that Miranda Lambert was the surprise guest. Don’t get me wrong, she is a great singer with an immense amount of talent, but I really didn’t know too many songs by her.

After our dreams were crushed with the guest performance, we didn’t let that stop us from having an amazing time for the rest of the night.

Taylor took us back in time with her classic song “Fifteen” and ended the entire show with "Shake It Off."

We were home by 11 p.m. and couldn’t stop singing our favorite songs out loud until we finally fell asleep.

Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour = mega success.