Fellow Northerners, if you haven’t yet experienced boiled peanuts, think of them as edamame. But imagine the best edamame you’ve ever had: juicy, warm and mouthwateringly salty.

Plus, guess what?

A study we found claimed that the southern roadside treat actually has impressive nutrition stats. In half a cup of boiled peanuts, you’ll find:

12 grams of protein

8 grams of fiber (about a third of your recommended daily intake)

No cholesterol

and ¼ of your daily recommended intake of vitamin E, which has healing properties.

When peanuts are boiled in their shells, the shells release all their nutrients into the peanut itself, which boosts the overall antioxidant count to four times higher than they would be otherwise. And an un-boiled, regular peanut has a pretty high level to start with!


You’ll need:

Water, green peanuts — aka fresh peanuts, aka they may still be slightly covered in dirt — and salt. A couple handfuls of salt will do. This might take some trial and error to find your personal preference. You can also add Old Bay or other seasonings if you’d like.


Boil peanuts in salted water for 3 hours.

Turn off stove and allow to soak (covered) for another hour.



ProTip: Boiled peanuts can get pretty salty, so keep refilling your water glass to rinse all the sodium out of your body ASAP!

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